Thursday, December 31, 2009

Gone Today. Come Tomorrow!

A gush of good wind passes by and here we are again, looking back at a year of ups and downs, looking ahead to another year of... well more ups and downs. *shrugs* Life. It is what it is.

So what is 2009 for Hiyashibeeps? As the clock ticks closer to midnight, I'm here going through my 69 modest posts of the year. That itself is a tiny miny achievement of mine - to blog a tiny bit more every year. I guess that means I have to beat 70 next year. Hah! So here we go.


January 2009
It was the month of Gong Xi Fa Cai. Whuah! That was early. Nothing interesting seemed to happen at the beginning of the year though. Hmm...

February 2009
I actually made the effort to take up a meme on Facebook and shared with the world 25 most random things about myself. It still amuses me now that I read it. What was I thinking?!

March 2009
11 posts in a month! Highest record ever. *bows* I got Happiness in a Bag. Hiyashibeeps got a new look. And omg! There's also my 'first time'. *giggles* I nominate March as my best month of the year. Who's with me? Me!

April 2009
Oh! Old friends. Seeing this post just reminded me that we need to do this again, like as soon as we possible can loh. My social life needs to revolves more than just my colleagues loh. Like seriously loh. LOH!!

May 2009
Oh my, this is a day to remember! Me working on Labour Day? Where's the justice!! Oh, wait. *grins*

June 2009
Hmm... mid year, mid excitement. Hard to pick one thing significant to be the highlight of the month. And therefore, we get everything! XD

July 2009
Another meet-up with another bunch of friends. Hahaha... 3 out of the 4 posts of the month are about these guys. Gosh, if any of you peeps are reading this, let's go somewhere again!

August 2009
This is an interesting month. First I learned that I have an 'addiction' problem, then I realised I have psychic power! Then again, I have always known about the latter but let's keep that between you and me. Hush hush.

September 2009
It's all about thank you, Thank You and more THANK YOUs! *smiles*

October 2009
This is the month where I officially declared myself the bad bad blogger. *ashamed*

November 2009
What's there to say? There was only one miserable post for this month! ONE! I guess I was trying to live up to the bad blogger declaration I made in October. *sigh*

December 2009
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! It's a month of total Kris Allen fangurling. *blushes* I actually put aside all my Japan cray cray for the American Idol. Say woot? Hahaha. Not!


And that wraps up 2009. That was a nice trip down memory lane. Just this afternoon, I was sitting here wonderful what have I exactly achieved this year. I remembered nothing in specific which was kind of a downer but then I realised it's not really about achievements. It's the memories! And that I have many.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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