Sunday, June 10, 2012

[L.E.P.A.K series: London] Chapter 26: The Morning After

It's our last morning in London. Boohoohoo. :(

We woke up to another chilly morning with heavy hearts, knowing that we will soon bid farewell to this gloomy city that we have came to love through the past week.

Baker Street Station turned out to be so much bigger than we thought. After so many visits throughout the entire week, we somehow managed to find ourselves at another part of the station that we have yet to explore before.

A good 30 minutes later, we found ourselves in front of a lovely view of a cosy London neighbourhood. Sure, the trees are bare and sticking out in a weird scary kind of way but hey, it's a view nonetheless and a view that we don't see at home. So it's still pretty in its own eccentric way. :)

Yup. We're at Portobello Road. If the name doesn't ring a bell then Nottinghill probably will. We're here for another morning market experience! Sorry that your tour group would probably give market places like this a miss because here's where the action really is. Hehe. 

 Or at least that's what we thought.

We were confused and disappointed when we walked around to see this. 
A quiet morning with no activities going on. 

 What? Are we at the wrong place or something? 

 Not really. It's just that fellow Londoners are just not 'rise and shine' people I guess. Can't blame them though since Miss Sun herself does not seem to understand the 'rise and shine' concept here as well. It's a cloudy London, most of the time.

Oh well. We can wait. Though not really since we have limited time for the day. 
So instead of visiting a market place, we decided to do some 'self-discovery'.

And somehow managed to stroll into a secret garden behind some houses.

No wonder they kept it hidden. It was soooooo beautiful.


And we met Doggy here! He or she (gotta be gender neutral here) was all excited to see us. Its (safer choice... :P) tail was wagging so hard, we were worried it might fall off.


When we left the garden and stepped back onto the streets, waaa-laaa! They are here!

Market strolling begins!

You'll find almost anything and everything at Portobello Market. Even junks
Like they say "One man's rubbish is another's treasure". So true.

Though we certainly hope poor doggy is not for sale. :( Then again, if its owner is not going to be able to take good care of it, I guess it's better to find another caring owner. Hmm...

Finally! Time for breakfast yo!

I usually avoid baguettes for fear that they turn out to be as hard as a bat. Yes, I know this is not exactly a baguette but what's more important here is the fact that it was sooooooooo yummy!

Crispy crust on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside. The decision to go with mustard sauce was a BIG WIN! It put the oohm into the smoking hot sausage. The combination was just too good. *sigh in content*

Lookie at what Cik Anai got for herself.

It's the last one right here. Spinach and cheese pie. 
It's not that bad. Unfortunately my awesome 'hotdog' has set the bar too high and the pie just pale in comparison. 

 With our breakfast in hand, we set off to explore the market!


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Your dog must have enjoyed the whole day walking.