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A Japanese Summer: Chapter Seven

Aiyoh. I think the proscastination has finally taken its toll on me. I'm slowly losing the words to describe. But rest assured that even if memory fails me, pictures speak a thousand words.

Me! 'Word-less'?
(muri...zettai muri!)

So after our geisha tour and a McPrawn Fillet supper the night before, we woke up tired yet excited as ever. It's a bullet train ride down to Hiroshima!

Hiroshima Station has the most amazing sight ever!

Now why do I always think of "Kenshin" whenever I think of Hiroshima and particularly the railway station. *grins* Always do. Always will.

Snacks on the trains. Odd combination of flavours.
Hmm... which flavour is "me"?

From the train station, it was a good walk down to the pier. Yup, Hiroshima was just a stop-over. We're heading to Miyajima where the famous gigantic Tori gate is. The Tori is as good as the symbol of Japan as ... Mount Fuji?

I don't get why the picture is so awesomely 'blue'. No, I did not tweak it in Photoshop. It's just sooo dang blue. The ferry had just left when we arrived so of course we turned waiting time to photo time as we click away.

Finally the ferry arrived. Aww... of course it gave me a little tingling feeling of home. Come on lah, I ride the ferry to work every day and at that moment it just reminded me of home. *grins* The ferry is relatively smaller than the one here in Penang. What amazed me was that both vehicles and passengers shared the same dock. @_@ I forgot what was the exact sequence but it was something like... vehicle out > passenger out > passenger in > vehicle in?

A shot of the Tori from the ferry. See those tiny dots on the beach, hahaha... humans humans! Told you the Tori was huge! When we arrived on the island, it was way passed lunch time then and we were hungry. Once again, Cubbie's Lonely Planet guidebook came to our aid and we were eagered to try some Hiroshima styled Okonomiyaki. For the extra knowledge: Hiroshima version has yakisoba added into the dish. Yummy!

Unlike our last Okonomiyaki adventure, this time we managed to locate the shop with ease. Hahaha... probably because 1) woohoo... bright day light! and 2) there's one obvious main street that was filled with people. LOL.

This time around, we didn't need to make the Okonomiyaki ourselves. Yay! Hahaha... the last time we had the joy of cooking it ourselves, it didn't turn out delicious at all. So this time we were all the more glad to let the experts do their job.

*giggles* Lady don't look to happy being in the spotlight.

But she sure made delicious Japanese pizzas. We splurged a little and ordered the Osyter Special which costed us 1050 yen. Hmm.. and that's obout RM35 for a plate of Hiroshima goodness. We shared the plate for a more economical RM17.50 each. Aiyah... we semi-budget travellers must save every yen worth of money!

Hmm... and you probably think wah, my memory must be superb to even remember how much that costed. Hahaha... I took a shot of the price in another photo lah. Hey, my Virgo nature signalled the need to prepare for blogging. *grins*

*Cubbie inner thoughts*
Are you done? I wanna eat the oysters already!

After we got our stomachs filled, we finally started to notice the shops around us.

Pretty stuff in front of every shop possible. *clicked*

"Oh hey there little bambi!"
I swear this is the last chapter with deers in them. Hahaha...
The row of shops ended and the arc marked the beginning of the path towards the shrine.

Pretty cove, pretty scenery deserved a shot. Oh... at the far end there was where we docked earlier and the shops were those we had walked pass earlier. From here on, it's pwetty piccies all the way. =)


Itsukushima Shrine! *clicked*

Nice angle. A little bit of everything. *clicked*

Everyone was lining up here for a shot. And the nice Japanese family in front of us helped us took the photo. Thank you!

Ah... Cubbie silently took a photo of the two daughters as they were just beside us while we were waiting.

Barrel of wine? I'm not too sure but wth.. *clicked*

Pwetty. *clicked*

Lookie Cubbie got the Great Tori on her palm!
*silly silly* Us goofing off at the beach. Taking shots after shots to get the perfect one. Oh did I mentioned Cubbie's birthday is like 4 days after mine. Yup, that's two annoyingly particular Virgos travelling together. Go figure. *lol*

Cik Datang would once again comment:
"How you keep getting shots with no people in them?
Japan no people wan ah?"


We got 'skill'. We go 'talent'.

Last picture of deers I promise! *runs*

We left before dinner because we could not risk missing the second last train back to Kyoto. If anything happened we gotta have a back-up last ride home right? Cannot risk it in a foreign land. Cannot! Unfortunately that also means we had to skip the fireworks display during the night. It would have been pretty caused you would see the fireworks firing from the sea. How cool is that? But staying a night on the island would cost our pitiful pockets a biggy hole in them.

Z'all right... fireworks coming up next. No way we're missing one while we're in Japan during summer right?

Next Up: Hot Springs! Getting naked in front of each other. Malunya.

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