Tuesday, May 10, 2011

[L.E.P.A.K series: London] Chap 5: HeART of London

We’re just one chapter away to Edinburgh! *excited much* I guess I should just get right on it then.

Next up is Covent Garden! This is truly a place of art where street performers are seen at every nook and corner. These street performers are licensed to perform and boy do they come in all arts and forms.

This warrior is awesome in so many ways. His expressions are simply hilarious. See him with a cute gal and he goes all shy like that.

See a little boy and he goes all cheeky with him.

You see, Mr Warrior will randomly throw his sword out to catch passerby’s attention. If you’re 'lucky', you’ll be the one to pick it up, return it and be caught along in his act. If you noticed, there’s another young boy looking eagerly at the scene. Mr Warrior noticed him as well. Called him over and waaa-laaah!

Happy boy is happy to be caught. Hahaha.

Dog-Man! He’s amazing and has quite the dirty mouth. Parents just can’t help giving their kids some money to be placed in the dish for Mr Dog-Man.

And here at Covent Garden age doesn’t matter! There were also magic acts and acrobatic shows going on all over the place. How awesome is that?

The building might read ‘Covent Garden Market’ but it’s not your usual market selling fruits and vegetables. It used to be back in the days, but now it’s more of an art market where stalls sell arts and crafts of all kinds.

But then there’s always food! *grins*

And this stall here had a crazy long queue going on. Seriously long. Whatever they’re cooking must taste really good especially since it cost a whooping £7 for a pretty modest serving. We did not try it because (1) the line was endless and (2) RM35 for a plate of rice is just not for us. :P

Be amazed! We were.

Told you it’s all about ART over here!

From Covent Garden, we made our way to Piccadilly Circus, where the famous statue of an archer, Eros stood in the middle of the busy junction.

Piccadilly Circus is also known for its neon signs and video displays mounted on the surrounding buildings. The trademark "SANYO" sign is one that you'll see in every picture of Piccadilly Circus. I like this shot because it looks as if the man in glasses is thinking about having some fries. *snickers*

Me with the standard "I was here!" shot. :P

Nana commented that there were more humans than pigeons on the memorial. Sad but true. Poor pigeons are loosing out their territory. Here's a little tip for ya all. Make sure to come back here during the night to catch some awesome night shots of the place when the neon signs are all lit up. Be warned though, the crowd is just as crazy if not worst than the afternoon crowd.

Our initial plan was to visit Oxford Street and Regent Street, both are upmarket shopping avenues that do not fit our interest nor budget. Hehe. So after awhile, we decided to change our plans and hunt down China Town instead.

When we finally saw the lion and Chinese words on the street signs, we knew we have found the place. Indeed within the China Town area, all street signs have Chinese words on them. And then there were also the rows and rows of Chinese restaurants that offer all-you-can-eat buffets, a true testament to our typical Chinese nature of squeezing every penny worth for the value we pay. *sigh*

Nana's "I was here!" shot,
in front of the arch that reads 'London's China Town'.

It is here that we had our ultimate "Shock of the Day".

Wait for it.

Wait for it.





Thai durian selling at £6.99 per kilogram. That's RM35 for one kg. -.-;; I can buy a few good durians with that amount of money. What's more, there's only one miserable durian for sale. Don't get to choose, yet still have to pay so much. *shakes head* Poor durian lovers in London. Kasihan.

We went back to our hotel to rest our tired feet for one short hour before heading out again to catch the sunset view of London from sky high.

That’s right, it’s London Eye time once again.

Remember I mentioned about getting a travel card from the rail station to enjoy 2for1 offers? London Eye is one of the many attractions you get to enjoy such offer. From £18 for a ride, we now get to go on for only £9 each. The ticket is inclusive of a short 4D experience of the London Eye.

My “I was on the London Eye” shot.
Not as smiley as I was in the morning I guess. Hehe. It’s been a long day after all.

The ride up is a nice way to end the day. After a day’s walk, all you want to do is slowly take it all in and on the London Eye, you get to do precisely that.

Take pictures of every possible angle, with views stretching out as far… well as far as the fog and clouds allow us to see.

Watching the sun slowly set in. *content sigh*

Oh soooo pretty.

*content sigh x2*

Next is confession time.

Yes, I caved in on the second night of my trip and went back to my Oriental roots.
Not quite Chinese but close enough. *grins*

A whole big bucket full of Chicken Yakisoba for under £5.
I don’t care because I loved it. *hearts*

Phew. This is really a long post isn’t it? We’re heading off to Edinburgh next.
Till then, here’s a little entertainment from the Covent Garden band.
Jolly group of people.

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