Saturday, February 25, 2012

[L.E.P.A.K series: Amsterdam] Chap 19: Zaanse Schans!

Eeek! I got distracted from blogging once again. The enthusiasm to finish up
my L.E.P.A.K series had to make way for a new excitement in life. 


Hold it. 

Hold it! 



 Yes yes. I’m flying again. Weeee… but it’s not till end of the year and this time it’s a family trip! Which means more responsibility. Yikes! So obviously, all that excitement got me into researching mode once again which totally eat into my blogging time. And I don’t even blog thaaaat often. *hopeless* But I can’t help it! I turn into this mad scientist, crazy planner, travel enthusiast whenever it comes to things like these. Though two days ago, I found out Cik Ipoh’s sister is at a whole different level from me. *respect* 

 So yeah. This blogging thing that’s happening right here. This is a result of discipline.
I told myself  “You gotta do it this weekend yo!” So here I am and here we go,
off to Zaanse Schans!

Zaanse Schans is only four stops away from Amsterdam Central Station and approximately 20 minutes ride by train. The station to hop off is Koog Zaandijk. I don't have the faintest idea how Dutch words are pronounced. How do you even pronounce 'dijk'? Hmm... 

 From the station, we just followed the signs, enjoyed our stroll and took in the views. But we didn't make it very far before we got distracted. Right next to the station was a field of gold, so pretty enough that had us two silly girls wondering into it for some silly shots.

Right out of a Hindi movie. Hehe.

There were many interesting buildings along the way.
From a cute 'tak-halal' house sign to...

...a vine-wrapped home that screams "Stay away!" with a sense of artistic appreciation.
Everything just seems a tad more interesting when you are away from home.

Finally we saw the first sight of a windmill! Peekaboo! See how empty the road is, that's the beauty of beating the morning crowd. It's like having the entire place to ourselves.

"Look ma! That's a windmill."

As we made a turn towards the bridge, we were immediately greeted by an outrageously beautiful scene in front of us. So outrageous that we can't helped continuously exclaiming our awe to each other. As for our inner thoughts... all I had was "You gotta be kidding me!"

How can a place be that tranquil and beautiful where everything is just so calm 
yet so breathtaking? We tried to capture this beauty with our cameras
but I doubt our photos can do this place justice.

Is this even real? *sigh*

One compulsory "I was here! This is amazing." shot.

Look at that smile on Cik Anai's face. She is at a photographer's heaven.
Her shutter just kept on going. *click, click, click*

*points* We are here! 

We actually downloaded this map from Zaanse Schan's website prior to our trip and had the print in our hands but to be honest you can just throw that away and explore the place on your own. It's basically one main trail that works its way around the entire village, so you won't actually miss anything. 

There was actually no one around so it was a pleasant surprise when we were
greeted by a 'local'. Well, sort of... hahaha

Meet our feline friend who came forward without hesitation as we approached the village. Very manja and totally not shy of strangers. Well, I believe it sees thousands of guests every day. We're probably very insignificant to it after all. :P

While we were busy entertaining the cat. Yup, definitely not the other way round. We finally met the first group of people here at Zaanse Schans. A group of young and joyful teens cycling merrily around the village.  

How much countryside can it get?


 Notice the unique architectural style of the Dutch since the last post? From the signature tall and narrow buildings along the canal to these unique green cottages, you can easily get fridge magnets of all the different types of building as cute little souvenirs to take home with you. All I have to say is that I regret not buying more of these little fellas.

Even the trees are a tad eccentric, don't you think?

Here's one last picturesque shot before I end this post. *sigh in contentment* Cik Anai commented that this was the best 'walk' yet because it was the most relaxing and 'crowdless' of all which brings out the lovely countryside beauty even more. Because seriously, imagine this place filled with tourists at every corner you turn, it just ruins the mood don't you think? 

 So like how 'Tai-lou' Big Bird had said it,
"The early bird do catches the worm." 

Till next time! :)


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