Sunday, December 13, 2009

I'm on my way in becoming a Japanese Chef


So I went on The Great Okonomiyaki Hunt when I was in Japan. Not once! But twice! One turned out yucky, another one was totally awesome. Two different styles - one from the Kansai region while another from Hiroshima.

And guess what?!

I conquered them both this afternoon.

Again. Not One!

But Two!

Though I kind of cheated. Techically, my Hiroshima style okonomiyaki is a "Kansai style okonomiyaki plus yakisoba". Then again, that sort of constitute what a Hiroshima style okonomiyaki supposed to be. Hmm... it's just that instead of doing them layer by layer, I sorta jumble all of them up and cook it my way.

Hey! It's called 'IMPROVISE'
That's how we survive in life!
Whuah, what's with the sudden philosophy. Silly me.

Well at the end of the day, it turned out pretty alright with me.
Another Mission Accomplished. Yosh!

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