Sunday, March 11, 2012

[L.E.P.A.K series: Amsterdam] Chap 20: Dutch Beauty!

It's time for some pretties again. I foresee there will be more photos than words 
in this blog post. What you will see here are some of my favourite shots of Zaanse Schans. 

Here we go!

I love this. Cute little pink scooter for two.

Followed by cycling man. *kriing kriing*

The real mirror effect.

Crazy right?

Now back to our usual 'broadcast'. Hehe. 
It's the cheese factory and we're customers number one and two!

There was soooo many types of cheese for sale and free samples to try. Hahaha. 
The lady explained to us the various types of cheese that were available. 
From cow's milk to goat's milk, from plain to mixed herbs, from normal to 
smoked cheese. Yummmmy!! 

 We had to stop ourselves from unashamedly finishing up the smoked cheese with herbs. *embarassed* But it was sooo good that we each bought a chunk home to share with our loved ones. See at least we got buy too. And that's not all we bought. We had our eyes at these Dutch Stroopwafel or *ahem* in English, Syrup Waffles! I've read about how deliciously good they are and boy were the reviews spot on. Once again we found ourselves standing in front of the waffles and munching down at the free samples. Hahaha. To justify our actions, we bought ourselves six packs to take home with. Or at least I think it was six. Could be more. No less though. 

 And and there was more! We also bought bars and bars of chocolate! 
See all that 'free breakfast' is not exactly free after all.

SEE SEE! That's 27.16€.
Which is over a hundred ringgit and you see me enquiring about the windmill pen. 
Yikes! Stoooop. I did not buy the pen but I did bought a super cute and big Dutch lady 
magnet which costs more than the pen. -.-;;

That's me checking out the stuff I bought. And that's Duckie checking me checking out 
the stuff I bought. LOL. There may not be many people around the village but the animals 
here is pretty good at this hospitality thing too. Remember Si Manja? 

 Anyway, since he's all interested, 
I might as well asked him to smile one for the camera.

Nice knowing you Duckie! Thanks for the company.

And there we go pretending to be ladies on the farm. *grins*

Hard at work yo!

I love this shot! *hearts*
This is one way of getting a photo of us together without someone's help. :D 

 And that marks the end of part two of Zaanse Schans. 
I have one more part to go before we head back to Amsterdam. Wee!

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