Wednesday, April 20, 2011

[L.E.P.A.K series: London] Chapter 2: First Night Out

After figuring out how we're gonna place our luggage in our tiny miny room, we finally set off to hunt for our dinner. Master Superfish! Oh yes. Months of research have led us to one awesome must-try fish and chips joint in London. And the best thing was, it was only within 10 minutes walk from our hotel. Awesome + awesome.

What was not awesome was the weather. At 7.30pm, it was already dark outside and the streets were already pretty deserted. Let's not forget about the freaking cooooold weather. In fact, the entire place seemed shady and dangerous for two gals to be on the streets. Nevertheless, we were determined to get our fill of good ole' fish and chips.

Just as we were about to reach the restaurant, a group of men approached us and said something we didn't quite catch. We quickly entered the restaurant and instantly we were in happy land filled with warmth and great aroma. We knew immediately that we had made the right choice when we saw the crowd! We had to stand and wait for our table. In the end, we even shared ours with an elderly man.

Finally we placed our orders and were served with our starters – freshly boiled prawns and lots and lots of bread. The only word to describe the simple boiled prawns is SUCCULENT. Three tiny prawns won us over immediately. *sigh in content*

By the time we were done with our bread, we were already stuffed. So when the main dishes showed up, we were staring at them with a sense of disbelief.

See! See! Crazy right?!

I ordered myself cod fish while Cik Anai had herself some great calamari rings.
Both with a mountain worth of chips. We then made the decision to finish up my fish together along with some calamari rings and tabao the crazy load of chips back. Because seriously, how to finish that?

Cik Anai had her eyes on the calamari all along. :P

After dinner, our next mission was to hunt for water! Hahaha. Can you believe how expensive a bottle of water is in London? It's crazy that every other types of drink after either priced the same or may be even cheaper than water. Soft drink, milk, gas water, etc. And if you think it's expensive to input water, wait till you want to output water. Yes. Going to the looooo. Hahaha. £1.00 - 1.50 for a bottle of 1.5 litre water, that about RM5.00 - 7.50. Then 30 - 50p to go to the toilet, that's about RM1.50 - 2.50. A total osmosis experience for close to RM10. Imagine that!

Finally we found a convenience store selling water bottle by a few pence cheaper and bought us each a bottle. With that bottle we continue on our night walk around the neighbourhood.

Meet the London Eye!

Now meet House of Parliament and Big Ben!

Sakit hati tengok one part of the building not lighted up. :(
To make up for it, Cik Anai cleverly asked me to position myself to block off that 'unappealing part'.

TA-DAA! Perfect.


And just so you know, we were freezing our asses off, shivering from head to toe. So after taking pictures of anything and everything around the area, we decided to call it a night and head back to the hotel.

If you think that was the end of our night, wait till you see the next post! I’ll leave you guys now with the call of the great Big Ben. Till then.


jo*rose said...

I envy you. Have a fun and be safe! :)

Vin aka Hiyashi said...

Aww... thank you for your kind words. I'm actually back from the trip. :D