Friday, May 08, 2009

3 STEPS 1 BOW - A Holiday Too Early!

Really too early lah!!!
Even Camera-san was still blur in the morning. XD

Labour Day. Worker Day. Whatever you call it, it was supposed to be a Holi... DAY! Yet, I woke up waaay earlier than usual. I wished I could say that "it's just so wrong" but I'm in no position to make such statement. Not when it was for a religiously-devoted-cause. ^^;;;


So many people wey!
Like hundreds! Like thousands!

Don't believe me?

Here's another far shot of the procession.

And I was waaaay back in line. And and... after one hour of "3 Steps 1 Bow"ing which I personally think should be termed as "3 Steps 1 Kneel" to be technically correct (-_-);;, I was only at the starting line. What desu yo? I was one-whole-hour-away from the word MULA! Ergo those started way behind are walking double the distance of those who started at the actual MULA Line. *swt*

Hear the sound of the gong! Hear the chant. And watch them kneel.

How did I record this if I'm in there right? Well, my dad convinced us that technically we finish the required distance when we reached that MULA Line. Hahaha... so we shamelessly slipped away... totally out of the line. XD and yes, lame pun intended. *bricked*

Lookie at my red red arms caused from the kneel-bow ritual.

Mom was the only one that make it all the way to the very end. Dad eventually joined her again after a good rest. Me and sis on the other hand went on taking those interesting pictures all around us which got us this and this.

And this!

It's pretty happening for a Holi...Day right? Lots of different group of people. The Tai-chi Master and his disciples, the big Indian family picnic, the healthy joggers, the friendly walkers, etc etc etc. Oh, and I never did mention where on earth was I did I? -.-;;

Go ahead and clickie

Here's a funny incident that is just so wrong to laugh about yet. =P We were told to keep a distance with the person in front, to allocate enough space for the kneeling thingy. Of course, we all did try our best to do so, but it's not always that easy since everyone seemed to have well, different length to their steps. So there was this elderly lady in front of me who went down on her knees as the cue to kneel came and when she attempt to get up, the guy in front actually accidentally stepped on her hair. OMG! See the importance of space here.

Gosh, it was down right funny yet it's just so wrong to laugh about it. Even her two daughters were having a hard time holding back their laughter.

Anyway, it all ended around 9am. Went off for breakfast and was home by 10.30am. And to think, I would have still be in bed and missed all these. *grins*

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Cubbie said...

WAhhhhhhhhhhh the poor lady! Kesian her. Cough heeeeheee.. gg. I like Tai-chi. I wanted to learn it but very malu to practice it in parks where everyone wud be staring at u.. ~_~