Friday, December 11, 2009

I could play this all day long...

Standing on a stool without a mic makes it all the more better.

"Tell me why are we... so blind to see...
That the ones we hurt... are you and me.
We've been spending most our lives
living in a gansta's paradise..."

Say woot? One would think I'm singing the wrong song. LOL. I love mashups. *nods* Honestly, I couldn't bear listening to Coolio's version. As much as I love the chorus, I can never get pass the rap at the beginning of the song. But this is awesome. Then again, I might be biased since I'm in such a flaily mode. And tiny Kris is tiny. Forget the mic! Me prefer you standing up on the stool and sing without it. =)

I could go on and on, spamming my dying blog with more videos but let's make this a space-saving post and clickie here instead. Weeee!

I'm riding on a lyrical jam these days.

Wait me posty more.

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