Monday, August 31, 2009

*sings* I Know.. I Know... I Know..

Oh I Know!

Got an ex-colleague's wedding invitation earlier this week and the following conversation ensued...

Mr Clean Hands: When is it ah?

Me: It's on a Tuesday.
(in a matter-of-fact kinda voice)

Mr Clean Hands: Oh... so you're going?

Me: Ya! Of course. Why not?

Mr Clean Hands: Well at least it's near.

Me: *blinks* Near to where?
(Note: I live across the sea from this place... not near at all!)

Mr Clean Hands: Near to the office loh.

Me: We're not working on that day lah!

Mr Clean Hands: *confused* Who's not working?

Me: You? Me? Neither of us.
(again in a matter-of-fact kinda voice)

Mr Clean Hands: Eh? WHY?!

and before I could answered...

Mr Clean Hands: Oh... Raya is it? Oh... I wonder if I'll be going anywhere... *thinks*

Me: Even if you do go anywhere, you'll be back here by then. (another matter-of-fact statement)

Mr Clean Hands: Eh?! How you know?
*once again staring at me in surprise*

Me: Well.. we start work on Wednesday. You'll definitely be back by Tuesday night. (answered with a straight face)

Mr Clean Hands: *thinks* Hmm... true!

Me: Hahahaha.. you must be keep thinking "Eh? How she knows ah?"
*finally started to laugh*

Mr Clean Hands: Hahahaha... YALAH!
*also started to laugh*


Oh I Know. I always do.