Sunday, July 26, 2009

Friends Forever, Forever Friends

So cliche, I know. *blushes* But it suits this post to a T.

Usually I'll give a "no-go" to last-minute-plans. I blame it on that picky "Virgo-ish" nature of mine. But it's been almost 3 years since I met these guys. The gal was the exception since we did meet up during last year's CNY. And, that itself is still in fact way too loooong. *fails*

So even with less than 2 weeks' notice, I was determined to give this one time a "G0!". Hah! I know what you're thinking "2 weeks where got last minute?!" But it is for me. Hey, it's not like it's just a drive to town to yamcha okay. It's a 4-hour-drive-down-overnight-then-an-hour-LRT-ride-then-another-hour's-drive-up-and-like-need-to-take-leave-from-work-kind-of-plan. See! So tedious.

It didn't helped that the guys were the one planning it because...

Guys' Plan = No Plan

While us gals were like "Enough room to stay anot? How to meet up? What time going up? What time coming back down on Monday? How you ing back?"

And all we got was "Dunno yet."


Gosh, now that I'm blogging about it. I can't believe I took that leap of faith and went for it. *lol* And all based on one SM that reads
"Leave the worries to us. You gals just enjoy yourself."

Showed my galfriend the SMS also she don't believe it's coming from the guy.

"Sure or not? 3 years can change so much meh?"


And honestly, 3 years changed nothing. It didn't even felt like it was 3 years. I don't even know if that's a good thing or not. Gosh, are we not progressing? *lol* Okay so maybe we did change a wee bit - a wee bit more stable, a wee bit more wiser but nothing obvious enough to notice. It makes you wonder how we will all be another 3 year down the road. *smiles*

I can't wait.

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Cubbie said...

Colorful post is colorful! <3 And guy's plan = no plan, friggin true!! O_O I'll be worried lots even when being showed the Sms. Hahahha~~