Saturday, March 24, 2012

[L.E.P.A.K series: Amsterdam] Chapter 21: Brunch at Zaanse Schans

There is no way for one to come all the way to Amsterdam much less Zaanse Schans 
and never lay eyes on a pair of clogs. Impossibru!

So it's no surprise that I found myself in a pair of over-sized clogs. 

 And as if that wasn't enough...

We found ourselves together inside one gigantic clog. Hahaha. 
Why does this remind me of the old lady who lives in a shoe? 

Hmm... Of course, those giant clogs were meant for photography purposes.

But inside, whoah! It's as if you've stepped into a world of clogs. 
From left to right, up and down, you can even find clogs hanging right about you. 
Talk about space-efficient display. *grins*

Even Mr Salesman wears a pair.

The more traditional looking clogs. 
 These are traditional you say? Why yes. 
 That is if you compare them to...

Totally don't look like clogs right?

There's also super mini clogs, perfect as souvenirs. 

 Okay okay, I'll stop with the clog overload now. Hehe.

 Well, we did not buy any actual clogs but managed to choose a few mini ones to be given as souvenirs to our dear colleagues. That's one of the many perks of travelling with a fellow colleague. Share-share buy souvenirs and therefore, share-share souvenir cost. XD 

 After that little mini shopping spree, we headed back out to the beautiful scenery outside. That's when our stomachs started to growl, demanding for food, food, glorious food! *excuse my enthusiasm as I had just rewatched Oliver (1968 version a.k.a. the best ever version that pawns over the recent one a few years back) last week* Anyway, leaving London behind and back to Zaanse Schans, there were not many dining options to choose from in this little village. The one main diner is situated right at the centre of the village and was a cosy (or chilly, depending on the weather) pancake house! 

 That's two proper sit-down-and-enjoy meals in two days! Yay! 

 Now you might be wondering where’s that signature chapter photo that was supposed 
to be right at the top of this post? Well…


TADAA! That’s my brunch right there. 
Bacon filled pancake plus a cup of hot chocolate to warm ourselves. 
Looks super yummy right? Unfortunately it didn't turn out as good as it looks. 
Not so much because of its taste but more so, because bacon wasn't the best 
combination for a pancake. A tad too dry in my opinion. 


Cik Anai's rum and raisins pancake topped with a beautifully squeezed whipped cream was made of awesome! Superbly yummy. Now the question is why did we choose to sit outside in the cold when we could have enjoyed a more cosy atmosphere indoors?

To enjoy the view of course! *sigh* 
For the next 30 minutes or so, we felt that we were living the fine life. Sipping hot chocolate and savouring pancakes with beautiful windmills as backdrop. 

 By the time we finished our brunch, we saw tour buses arriving and tourists of every possible nationality coming down in hoards. The next time we stepped into a souvenir shop, we found ourselves sharing space with tourists, tourists and more tourists. o__O

We decided then that it was time for us to take our leave as the place was no longer 
'belong' to just us, duckie and si manja anymore.

See see! See that gal. Umm… too tiny to spot? Wait I zoom zoom.

There you go! Hopefully she don’t sue me for this. 
Whoever you are miss, I envy you, sitting there, all laid-back, reading your favourite book. (Favourite or not, I dunno lah but still so nice right?)

On our walk back to the train station, we met an ice-cream....ummm... truck? mobile? Hahaha. Strangely it was selling Italian gelato though.

Bye bye ice-cream and bye bye Zaanse Schans. 

 Next up! Back to Amsterdam.

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