Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Japanese Summer: Chapter Two (iii)

So after breakfast, we left our little cosy homestay and head off to the Zoo. The trip to the zoo was a last minute plan that we decided the day before after spotting posters and cute polar bear biscuits sold around the train station.

It was because of this that we got the chance to ride the bus.

Yup. In comparison to the fast pace bullet train and subways, etc, the bus was a ride that takes you back to the old-fashion way of doing stuff. So what's the difference with the bus system in Japan? For one, we board the bus from the rear door and exit through the front door. Hah! But this is also dependent on the area you are. Generally it works this way everywhere in Japan except in Tokyo, I think. And we only pay the bus fare when we were about to get off the bus. There is an informative digital board in front telling you how much your ride will cost and since our stop was the last, it was pretty easy to guess how much ours were.

And so we arrived

Right at the entrance! There we were taking each other's picture one at a time. The dilemma! When two kind Japanese ladies offered to help us out. *click* And in return, we help them take a picture of them together, too. Hey, you scratch our back we scratch yours. Thank you!

I assure you there's more to this post than animals. *smiles*

One of the two best attraction of the zoo. Being up north in Hokkaido, it's the best place to have penguins around and this is one pretty fellow don't you think?

Cool dude from another angle. Hehehe..

Must lah take a picture of me being there to prove prove a bit right.


Isn't this just totally kawaii?? It's summer so I guess it's pretty hot for the penguins. Nothing beats a cool bath in the middle of a hot day, neh?

In fact, it was so hot that all the animals in the zoo were pretty much lazing around. -.-;;

Except for maybe this guy? Hahaha..

And I caught some arse-scratching action followed by making out session on video. I must say, I think I got potential for Animal Planet! XD

While we were at the monkey section, there was an announcement going on about a show and the crowd was shuffling in. Of course we were just as eagered, so we went over and keh poh. Mana tau the great performance all the Japanese were waiting for was Orang Utan!!

Vin & Cub: *in unison* Ceh!

And we walked off. Time is precious! Precious!

Thirsty? Have your pick!

The rest area was located up a little hill. Yup, you choose to either walk up the slope or queue for the shuttle ride. We queued, along with all the obachans and ojichans. *embarassed* But at least we stand throughout the journey up and let the seats all filled by the elders. Come on, we got another whole week of walking, we could do without the hill climbing right now.

We got lunch up there. Dearest Mogmog lunch box.
Someone tell me why the word "terrace" is there?

Inside of Mogmog. We got 2 Onigiri (Rice Balls), 2 Ebi Tempura (Prawn), Chikin (Chicken), Tamago (Eggy) and Umeboshi (sour plum that we both left untouched XD).

*there you go, some Japanese lessons while you read this post*

Oh ya, we ate out on the bench somewhere in the middle of the little hill. The trees were pretty there. Kinda autumn-ish feel neh?

This post's header picture was taken here. *hearts*

By the way, random Japanese people can be so much more amusing than the animals in the zoo. Believe me, you.

Who goes to the zoo dressed like that? WHO?!?
You should see how she walked. Very kesian her.

Vin asked: Say, who got the fluffier hair? ^^;;

Duckie answers: Umm... Lion head on the left?

HAHAHA. Okay, am evil doing that. Sorry sorry! *bows and apologies*

Oh, here we were in the interaction area, a place meant for little kids to play with the animals. The duckies here were one-of-a-kind, they laughed at you. HAHAHA... it's really amazing as you watch little kids trying to touch the ducks and in return the ducks splash water all over and laugh right back at you with a "hak hak hak" kinda laugh. Whoever said duckies go Quack obviously haven't met Asahiyama Duckies!

Cute stinky furballs for you to touchies.

The Toilet Sign are total cuteness!
Bunny for the girls

and Bear Bear for the boys!

And and Kangaroo Mama for the babies!

*Cuteness 100%*

Beh tahan!

Meet Cub the Seal?

And her friend, Vin the Seal.

Jelly Jelly. Amusing yet geli.


Jeng Jeng Jeng!

Polar Bear-san!

This video is a must watch! Full credit goes out to dearest Cub and her superb camera else we won't have gotten such a great view of Polar Bear-san amidst the insane crowd.

Sunset from our hotel room's balcony.

Our hotel. Dearest Toyoko-inn.

Toyoko-inn is a hotel chain all over Japan. Anywhere you are, you can almost get yourself a room at Toyoko. Furthermore, every hotel is located within walking distance from a train station. Got one fully booked? No worries. Chances are there is another Toyoko nearby just a few stations away. The best part about it is bookings are done online without any pre-payment. *at least at our time of travel* How cool is that? And the staff there speaks English. A Definite Plus Point! Rates are affordable and you'll get a complimentary breakfast and some branches even offer free dinner. How do I know that?Because we stayed over 3 different Toyokos throughout our journey, from Hokkaido down to Kyoto. Meals may be simple with curry rice for dinner and onigiri for breakfast but if you're on a budget like us, Toyoko-inn is the choice!

I'm totally promoting Toyoko-inn right here. So remember this link if you ever plan your own trip to Japan:

Oh and if you're a fellow Internet addict. Computers with internet connection are available at the lobby area for your usage. A mere 15 minutes of mail access can take away the addiction. HAHAHA... and it's useful for transfering insanely thousands of photos we took every day to our thumbdrives and such.

Hotel Chain Toyoko Inn - Vin & Cub's Choice!


That's done.

So we stepped out of our hotel room and head out to the train station.


That's because the biggest shopping complexes are usually connected to all the main train station. And Sapporo Station has lots of hustle and bustle going on with designated areas for food, clothes and just random shopping!

Gosh. You even find a radio station located inside the train station!

And Indian Food! *snickers*

Or cute bakeries.

And I got myself an issue of Myojo here!
*Jap mag. Jap mag* XD

Curi take picture of people buying their train ticket. =P

Outside the train station. Told you it was big!
Way bigger than KL Sentral. x_x

And then we called it a night with a can of classic Sapporo beer which we never finished.

Next up: Back to Tokyo to meet the great Thunder Gate

Previously on "A Japanese Summer" *hahaha*


Harmony said...

Omg, the pictures are so nice, i like the orange colored birds. very pretty!

hiyashi said...

To Harmony:
Thank you. ;)
If I'm not mistaken those are flamingos.

Cubbie said...

JAHHAAHAHA! I totally laughed out loud at the orang utan part. HAHAHAhahhha!!!!!! Beh tahan. We really did went CEH! hor?? Hhahahahahaha~~~~

Vin aka hiyashi said...

Yup! We totally did. HAHAHAHA... we were standing there with them thinking what it was about and when we knew it was orang utan we were like CEH! and walked away. hahaha...instant reaction. LOL.

Anonymous said...

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