Saturday, September 12, 2009

I'm such a simple person...

...that it's pretty easy to make me happy.

Like I said earlier, it doesn't take lots of money nor effort to put a smile on my face.

Present from Mr Skimmer Dude.

I specifically requested no more Ribena Pastilles from Seven-Eleven this year and lookie at what I got. An actual present and it's wrapped! Wow. So who cares if it's wrapped in some random paper he probably dugged from the office. For a guy who wraps Christmas present with newspaper, I'm honoured that he even wrapped the gift and written a note. LOL.

Everyone in my room crowded round as I opened the gift.

Cik Datang: It's probably s'thing he found laying around downstairs.

Everyone else: Hahahaha... yeah.

Mr Skimmer Dude: See. I'm very thoughtful wan. It's something for you to do while you're on the bus everyday.

Everyone: Ooo...

That got everyone curious...


It's a Rubik's Cube! And honestly, I LIKE!

Me: Hahaha.. I actually like it very much. But Seven-Eleven?
*points to the half torn price tag*

Mr Skimmer Dude: What to do? I panicked lah!

Me: Woot? *laughs*

And Yay! I'm old enough to play it. *silly me*


So being 25 might not be happiest thing but turning 25 was sure a whole lot of fun.
Does that even make sense?


KOK WENG said...

how got your birthday present! =D

Anyway turning 25 is sad but that's the reality - so, savor every moment in your life, appreciate those who are around you, and that will make your life even more meaningful.

Cheers. =)

Vin aka hiyashi said...

Kok Weng: Wah... so deep. *sobs* It's sad but it's true. Thank you. My same well wishes go to you too. =)

KOK WENG said...

One thing I've been wondering. What birthday present do you hope for the most?

Vin aka hiyashi said...

Kok Weng: If I tell you, you would have to get me that present. You sure you still want to know? *grins*

KOK WENG said...

Maybe. Maybe not. But I'm definitely curious!

Vin aka hiyashi said...

I hope for WORLD PEACE! *grins*
I hope to land myself in Japan. XD
I hope to find true love. Aww...

There you go!

KOK WENG said...

World peace:
Possible but not probable.

Why Japan? Isn't Malaysia better? Cause all your friends are here...

True love:
Hmmm ... do every girl actually think the same way? *_*

Those are more like your wishes for your birthday! What bout your present?

Vin aka hiyashi said...

Who says present must be a tangible item? Those 3 wishes will be the best gift ever!