Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Japanese Summer: Chapter Four (i)

I made a blooper in my last post here. Wrote that the next destination was Kyoto. *oops* That's the problem of procastinating posts, details tend to be forgotten. *frowns* It's Disneyland! Disneyland. Though do you know there's also DisneySea in Tokyo? The one and only DisneySea. But since we can only spend a day there, we opted for the oh-so-famous Disneyland. No worries, DisneySea, we'll come to you soon, right Cubbie? *hopeful*

Our tickets! Why is there three? Because we decided to treat YY as a big thank you for letting us stay at her place while we're in Tokyo and her being such a nice host and assurance throughout our entire trip. Now, which was mine? Hmm... Pinocchio, Ariel or Goofy?

ATM Machines! Disney style! Hahaha...

Close Up! And yes that's me in the reflection. *grins*

Ah... a Must-Take-Shot!
Together with Sir Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse. *smiles*

Cubbie attempting to high-five? *lol*

Cubbie and YY fighted it out for Caption Jack Sparrow. Yup, our first ride was Pirates of the Caribbean and boy was the queue loooong. Then again, every queue in the park was looooong in which you spend most of the time lining up for rides than riding on them. *shrugs* It didn't helped that we were there on a summer holiday weekend. ^^;;

Coolness 100%

Such a beau isn't she? HAHAHA... I can't believe I'm describing a gun as beautiful but it was.

See how great Disneyland is! Not only do they allowed us to freely try on everything on the shelves, the kind sales lady even helped us took a group picture. Aiya, it's not like we so kiam siap okay, but don't forget we are budget travellers here. Budget budget! Got money, sure buy.

Again, got money sure buy! XD

Woohoo! Us and Captain Jack Sparrow!
See how happy Cubbie was. HAHAHA...

Next ride: Jungle Cruise.
Nama macam sungguh exciting but Disneyland being Disneyland it didn't get wee bit dangerous at all. Hahaha...

See the deers behind? They're fake. HAHAHA... but I totally loved our cruise guide. He was totally funny and adorable, not that we understood a word he said though. But his expressions were the highlights of the ride. I think I got a crush over Jungle Cruise-san.


We picked the best time to be here in Disney. It was Tokyo Disneyland's 25th Anniversary. So all the folks from Disney were out for a parade of celebration.

Meet all the princes and princesses.
Belle and former Beast. Hahaha...

Cinderella and Prince Charming.

I think this is Princess Ariel and Prince Eric. Correct me if I'm wrong, Cubbie, you're the Disney expert here. *grins*

Pooh bear said hi!

The truth is I don't like Pooh bear at all.
I'm a Tigger Lover! *hearts*

Piglet said hi too!

I think I take good pictures here. Muahahaha... capturing the moments. In fact, before the parade started we already discussed our plan - Cubbie in charged of video and I shall take the pictures. Yes, we now have a full length video of the parade and a set of wonderful pictures to go with it. *dang proud*

The little king of the jungle graced the parade as well and so did many other Disney characters. It's like reliving your childhood again at Disneyland. LOL.

The dancers were even more mesmerising with colourful costumes and big big smiles.


Of course, there were so much more but I don't think I want to spam the scary amount of pictures I took over here. ^^;;

In the end the "Tai Koh" of Disneyland appeared. Honestly, Mickey being up there all white and grand really macam the "Tai Koh" of Disneyland, no kidding!

All hail Mickey! *bow*

Our lunch/tea/dinner all in one. One BIG SMOKED TURKEY DRUMSTICK for about RM16. Total indulgence I tell you. Hahahaha...

NEXT UP: A Magical Night of Disney


Cubbie said...

YES! We shall go Disneysea soon :P Next year! >:D Coz in Disneysea, I get to see two of my idols, Ariel and Aladdin, MUAHAHAHA!!! ALADDIN!!!! My first crush kakaka~~

Vin aka hiyashi said...

Cubbie: I wanna go on another semi-budget semi-traveller style holiday again. HAHAAHA.. *craving* But most ppl think it's not right to go to Japan again so soon... should give chance to other places too. LOL. *dilemma*