Saturday, December 26, 2009

Although it's been said many times many ways...

Christmas Day, 10.00am:
Wakey, wakey, round 3 of the morning.
I'm awake but I ain't getting up.

Christmas Day, 11.40am:
Ooo... I was wrong. There's more than just secret puddings! There's tiny mince pies, too! What else are they hiding from me? Yum!

Christmas Day, 1.20pm:
Woot? A typical Chinese lunch. Curry mee. Hahaha.

Christmas Day, 4.30pm:
Getting ready to play dress up for dinner.
Yen-san is getting married! On Christmas!

Christmas Day, 5.45pm:
By golly am I in such a Christmassy mood. =)

Did I go a little overboard here? *grins* Seriously. Ms Mummy came dragging her daughter exclaiming "Santarina... see santarina. Ask santarina jie jie give you present." o_O;; and the kid actually stared so hard that I got a little wary, "Say, I think your daughter is kinda believing it." Went by the night explaining that I'm already off from work and that all gifts were given the night before. LOL. Tonight, 'santarina' is just here for the dinner of her good friend. =)

Christmas Night, 11.00pm:
Another tiring night. Another early morning tomorrow! Oh, and I did promise to posty more the last time. It's a little late but it's still all Christmassy nonetheless, at least till Monday when work comes a calling.


Although it's been said many times many ways...

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