Monday, August 29, 2011

[L.E.P.A.K: London] Chapter 10: Off to Meet the Queen

After filling our much neglected stomachs with thick, yummy pies, we're off to meet the Queen! But first to get there... Baker's Street! Home of the famous Sherlock Holmes.

So it's no surprise that the entire tube station was filled with silhouettes of Holmes.
From rows of individual tiles in all colours...

... to well-arranged tiles that form a much larger Holmes.

Which reminds me, this is a shout-out to dearest Cubbie, an avid Holmes fan to the max! If we ever come here together in the future, we'll put this tube station as one of our destination in our itinerary and allocate a time slot for you to take pictures from every possible angle ya? =P In return, we have to put in some time for me to get to Abbey Road, too. Deal? ;-)

Oh and right outside of the tube station is of course Mr Holmes himself, standing tall and ummm... dark. My only regret? I should have stand next to him instead of being the one behind the camera but we had our destination in mind and the walking crowd was zooming by continuously. So... yeah.

That's our destination right ahead.
Only about 5 minutes walk from Baker's Street Station.

We handed over our pre-booked and printed tickets and asked about the closing time. The friendly attendant assured us that there was enough time to enjoy the entire place and then proceeded to usher us into the lift. Immediately as the lift doors opened, we were 'attacked' by flashes of light, making us feeling all celebrity-ish. Hahaha. It certainly was a nice time to visit Madame Tussauds as there was almost no crowd in the place. So we took our time with the celebrities.

First up, my friend Johnny said "Aye!".

Cik Anai got in between Justin and Mr Perry. :P

We took lots more photos with everyone but I'll save you some jealously from all our Hollywood sting and proceed right along to other more humble figures.

Like Shrek and tiny ginger bread man down there!
Didn't know Cik Anai were such buddies with them.

I met the other 'Sherlock' here as well and
I helped him figure out some cases.

Picked up my golden man while I was there and
thanked every possible Tom, Dick and Harry in my speech. *grins*

Little did I know, while I was busy receiving my award, Cik Anai was being naughty
peeking under Ms Monroe's famous blown dress.

We then reached the hall of fame and met Michael there.

There was a camera set up right in front of him with an assistant ready to take your photo and probably charge you a fee for it. However, instead of forcing us to pay to take a photo, he kindly offered to help us take a photo together with our own camera. What's more, he even offered us some props! Hahaha. So nice, right? It was the same when we 'met' the Queen. The best thing was, these people knows how to take a good photo. So you don't have to worry about out-of-focus shots. Nice right?

And then there were the Beatles.
So young and joyial but I kind wished there weren't so many things going on at the back there. Hate the backdrop. :(

Fancy meeting Mr Obama in London,
attending to a busy me nonetheless. Hehe.

Cik Anai on the other hand, went over to Downing Street
to pay the Prime Minister a visit.

Lots of things happened after that.

Threw some punches with Muhammad Ali.

Met up with genius Einstein who kept on insisting that E = mc2.

Sang some tunes with Pavarotti.

Got kidnapped by the Hulk.

Shared a picture perfect moment with Spidey himself.

And even showed my claws that rival that of Wolverine.

After that, we stepped into the scary part of Madame Tussauds where a seriously haunting Scream Room awaited us. There were literally screams coming out from that room and it didn't help that two equally spooky guards were standing in front of the door asking us whether we wanted to enter. There were no clues at all what awaited us behind the closed door. Sooooo scary wei! We chickened out in the end and took the less scary route out of the place. *relief sigh* Maybe if there were more of us, instead of two gals stepping into unknown, we might have taken the plunge. Hahaha.

Instead, we took the happy and joyful cable ride through the history of London. Sorry no pictures here as we were too preoccupied with the ride. But seriously, who would have thought there was even such a thing going on inside this little dome building? It's amazing so much is fitted into one venue!

Aside from that, there was even an auditorium inside where we sat and enjoyed a 4D Marvel Experience where superheroes were rescuing London from outside threats. The best part of this 4D experience that I have yet to experience anywhere else is the surprising stab from the backrest whenever Wolverine stabbed and slashed someone on screen. Ouch!! Did I just spoil your fun with that spoiler? *grins*

A short look-see stroll in the souvenir shop later and we were finally on our way back to our hotel to call it a night.

Our dinner?




Yummy Shepherd's Pie from Harrods!

Next Up? Pa-Pa-Paris!


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