Sunday, August 16, 2009

I Have a Confession!

I have a big problem of throwing away stuff.
I have a big problem of hitting the "Delete" button.
I don't think I grasp the idea of "giving it up".

No Siree.

I have over 880 favourites in my browser!

881 to be exact. How awesome is that?

Says here folder was created in January 2009 right? That was the date I last formatted my notebook. Hahaha... I literally moved the folder to another drive whenever I format the computer and move it back again after that. Last check, I have favourite links dated back as old as 2004. *silly grins* There are dead links in there as well. Some of the webbies and fandoms that I used to visit on a daily basis back have gone inactive.

I favourite links cause I visit them on a daily basis. I favourite links cause I love what I just read and just in case I ever want to read them again. Besides, a good read deserves a second read yes? Though it rarely happens. *frowns* Cause good stuff just keep on coming on the world wide web.

And I never delete them because well...
"You never know... just in case."

I confess. I am addicted to the "Favourites" button.

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