Friday, May 06, 2011

[L.E.P.A.K series: London] Chapter 4: Camden Town

After taking pictures from all possible angle at Trafalgar Square, we head up towards Leicester Square to catch the tube to Camden Town.

That’s me riding the escalator down to the underground.
Seriously, it’s like another world down there, especially when you’re in one of the main stations. Levels over levels of different lines, taking you here, there and everywhere! Sometimes I feel like I’m in a movie when I’m down there. Hmm… action movie! Vaa vaa voom. Bing bang boom! :P

Taking a few minutes before the train arrived to camwhore around the platform.

And we didn’t stop even after boarding the train. We attempted to take self-portraits of us together, over and over again until someone finally offered to help us.

Our second photo together. *click*

25 minutes later, we reached Camden Town where markets, markets and more markets awaited us. From here on, I’ll let the photos do the ‘talking’.

The many ‘interesting’ shops along Camden Street.
*click to enlarge*

Think you’re seeing everything there is in this picture?

Think again.

Busy lady in front of the stall vs an equally busy man behind it.



As we continued down, we reached Regents Park Canal,
also aptly named as Little Venice. Here is where we had our lunch for the day, where rows of ethnic food lined together.

Food. Glorious FOOOD!

Scooter seats! Sooo cute.

They lined along the entire riverbank, so you get to munch on your food while you enjoy the scenic view in front of you. How awesome is that?

My burger in the making for £2.50.

Nana’s slice of pizza for £2.00.

The view in front of us as we enjoyed our lunch.

Hiyashibeeps’ L.E.P.A.K Travel Tips No.5:
This is more of a personal recommendation than an advice. Indeed Camden Town is not somewhere your usual tour will take you. It’s truly a hidden gem in London. So make sure if you have the opportunity, do visit the place. Sure, lots of travelers make their way here but so do the locals. You’ll find the perfect combination between the two. After all, London itself is made of lots of people from all over the world. All living, working and calling this place their home. In fact, London might not even be the most ‘English’ part of England but that’s also what makes it special. Malaysia may be rich in cultures but London has its own swing of vibrancy as well. Love it, hate it. That’s London.

Alright. Let’s get back to the market, shall we? :)

One of the many shots Nana took in one of the markets. Gaya sungguh the man in glasses kan? Bag-bag semua juga cantik-cantik belaka. *grins*

The compulsory shot of the day to prove that we were here. Hehe.
Yes. I did took a similar picture as Nana.

My beautiful stallions. Muahahaha.

Obviously we’re at the Stables Market. :P

It’s the last market along Camden High Street. There are in fact quite a few markets along the main street. So do allocate at least 3 hours to half a day to do your shopping here. Things here are relatively cheaper than any where else in London. If you’re traveling at a very leisurely pace, you can even spend your entire day here!

Buy souvenirs for friends, buy clothes for yourself, buy food to fill yourself silly.

Don’t believe me?

See! Nana and donuts! DONUTS.

Okay. We’re off to Covent Garden next.

This time I’ll leave you with a more cherry sound of London. Enjoy! :)


Soufly3xtr3m3 said...

London is very beauty, the old and the new make the diference at that city.

Good Pics :)

Vin aka Hiyashi said...

London is a bit of everything isn't it? Sometimes it's just cold and unfriendly but sometimes it's also so bustling and vibrant. Hahaha.

Thanks for reading!