Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Japanese Summer: Prologue

ただいま (Tadaima). *English reads: I'm Home!*

Yes. I was far far away in the land of the rising sun.
Now I'm back home. Photos are still as raw as sushi. Sorry.
Yet. I'm flying again this Saturday.

Goodbye Japan.
Goodbye Malaysia.
Hello Taiwan.

or as the Taiwanese will say it...
"Welcome to Taiwan!"


Snowflake0715 said...

Haven't come back to Malaysia yet? haha.. Just wanna wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY girl!!! Be nice and cute forever~!

Miss ya lot.

ching ching

Cubbie said...

YAHHAHA!! My picture! My picture! Is it? :P

hiyashi said...

No lah.. This is MY PICTURE! HAHAHAHA... I haven't blog yours, just asked for permission only. On the way... =)