Wednesday, February 04, 2009

25 Most Random Things About Meh...

Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged.


1. Rushing to see the world, I was born few weeks early from schedule as a small baby that weight lighter than the average baby at a mere 2.3kg. -__-;;

2. I got beatings from my mom and was later lock out of from the house because I refused to go to school during lower primary. Me? Skipping school? *shocked* Well, I was already in my uniform when I remembered I forgot to do my homework and was so scared of getting punished that I refused to go to school. Which in return got myself punished at home even before I got to school. ^^;; It's really silly when I think back about it. I was left crying outside when driver uncle came pick me up to school.

3. When I was small, my neighbourhood kids were all boys. About three doors down was the only boy closer to my age and I used to play at his house. I fell down from standing at the arm rest of the sofa while playing Superman with him.

4. The boy I played Superman with was my first crush. *LOL*

5. My first published work was in a school newsletter when I was in Form One.

6. Grew up reading Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew mystery stories, I wrote my own short mystery story when I was 14, sent it for a competition but got no news after that. =( The story was written in an exercise book and the young naive me didn't know how to make photocopies of it and thus I no longer have it with me. *sad*

7. My first prize winning piece came a year after that when I wrote the history of a temple donated by my great-grandfather. It was also the first time my name appeared in the newspaper. I won myself a thick encyclopedia on world history o.O'' hahaha.. and a watch from the Star.

8. I was named Jovin after a friend of my mom. So I knew of another Jovin but I call her "aunty". XD

9. I started wearing glass when I was 11 years old.

10. Thanks to my dad and weekly Sunday oldies on radio, my first ever idol was Cliff Richard. My first ever cassette album was his 25 years greatest hits. *embarassed*

11.I transfered school when I was 10 and the boy who sat beside me, his first greeting to me was "Can I borrow your eraser?" -__-;;Years after that when we were in uni, I told him about it and he totally don't remember about it. Boys! *roll eyes*

12. I used to cry whenever I think about me dying one day.

13. When I was in secondary school, I had a best friend I didn't know about. Funny.

14. Instead I was no.2 best friend to my no.1 best friend and her no.1 best friend was my no.2 best friend. It's complicated but it was a relationship agreed upon. Hahaha..

15. I was a Slam Dunk fan and am still a Slam Dunk fan. It's simply amazing too, that I still watch this anime every weekend now. It's even more amazing that it's still on air after all these years. Yes, it's that great. You must watch! I have watched it in cantonese, malay, english and japanese. hahaha..

16.I was the treasurer of the Ping Pong club back in school. No, I don't play ping pong. *shrugs* Well, not really.

17. I have very small hands. Yes. Small.

18. I'm loosing ideas on what to write right now.

19. I knew about the job copywriter when I was eighteen from a fellow Slam Dunk fan. She didn't like the work but I thought it as a dream job.

20. I got a Nakamaru Uchiwa in my room. Hahahaha...

21. I get stressed up whenever I drive in which I avoid doing it as much as I can.

22. I like being alone when I'm indoors but enjoys company when I'm outdoors.

23. I once sat on a trishsaw owned by a friend. He peddled me and another friend around and we giggled as other residents stared at us.

24. I sleep with a pillow under my head, another under my leg and one on my chest <-- that's the pillow I hug. Oh, my bolster is left aside to prevent my limps from hitting the wall and waking up with blue black all over. XD

25. I tell others I have somewhat of a telepathy power as I often get to read minds but the truth is I tend to know stuff simply because I analyse stuff well.

The End.

Not tagging other people but feel free to do the tag and drop me a message so I can go read. XD


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