Monday, April 06, 2009

A Japanese Summer: Chapter Four (ii)

Continuing from where we left off over here... it's time for some pweeetty fireworks. Magical. Honestly, I need to speed this up so that I can take you guys to Kyoto in my next post. *frowns*

So here we go!

After that delicious turkey leg and a good rest on the floor at a random corner of Disneyland. *Yes, we got no shame* Not like anyone know us anyway. We're off to...

*jeng jeng jeng*
buat suspense sikit.

...the Haunted House! Woohoo. *over-dramatic*

Lookie at the friendly witches that jaga the queue. Every attendant is dressed according to the theme. Remember Jungle Cruise-san? *blushes* Again, a very loooooong queue before we finally entered.

Scary level? Mild.

Awesome level? Awesome!

Hahahaha... again it is Disneyland afterall and you have little kids half our height entering the haunted house, how scary can it be right? But the entire thing was done as a story and we were guest invited to the house. There was this big voice welcoming us and telling us the story behind the mansion. Macam lah we understand. *lol* But it was great fun when an entire hall full of standing guests suddenly turned to a great big lift and begin moving upwards. Uwaahh.... interesting. *grins*

We managed a few more rides before the sun began to set and that's when the entire place begun to light up and turned all the more pretty.

Lookie! Merry-Go-Round.

I insisted to ride on it. HAHAHA... Cubbie was kinda all -.-;; over my request but come on, I don't remember when was the last time I actually rode on one and this is the real thing! In the end everyone had fun on it, though we were more busy passing the camera around and taking pictures of each other. *shakes head* And the horses were so high, it was actually a challenge to get on it and even harder to get off.

"Hurry.. hurry. Get up!"

"Hurry. Before it starts moving!"

*total dorkiness*

So the turkey leg power didn't last because we were hungry by 8pm. Hahaha... and we had Mickey Pizza!!! So the cute!

*cuteness 100%*

The night parade was about to begin then so we chose a nice spot to enjoy our Mickey Pizza while we get all ready for our duties as videographer and photographer again. *grins*

Pretty but oh so scary too. Imagine wearing that and dance. I think I probably be too worried getting myself electrocuted. ^^;;

Draggie! This shot is dedicated to Fangy-kun then.

Most of the main characters appeared again, this time all lighted up and all pretty but I save this picture spam for something greater that night. Instead, you get video!

Awesomeness 100% right? *sigh*

Now saving the best for last!
The Night Show!

Hahaha... listen to Mickey speaking Japanese. Amusingly funny.
I kinda edited the clip to save silly loading time. See how superb Cubbie's zoom is? We were very very far. So far that Mickey looks way tiny from where we were.

See! How far the stage is? But who cares about distance when the ending went off with a blast. Bang bang bang!

Not forgetting my duty to capture them in pictures.

Uwaaa.... HOT!

Uwaaaa... pretty!

Uwaaaa.... magical!

I sound so silly in this post. I guess that's what Disneyland does to a person. It brings out the child in you. *grins grins grins*



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