Saturday, April 18, 2009

Kawan Lama Loh...

It's been almost a year since I met them and more than SIX YEARS since they met each other. And the fact that Ash and Jin live just behind each other makes it even more sooo wrong. (-_-)

High school friends. Aww...

It's amazing how nothing have really changed. Looking at each other, it seems we're just the same friends that we are. Just a little bit older, a little bit wiser, a little bit more crazier but still very much the same.

Three lost souls walked aimlessly in Aeon City, undecided on what to eat. And since we have not meet up for so such a long time, everyone was just being so courteous and wants the other to decide. Though it was funny how we kept attempting to distract Jin away from the "usual fast-food".

*passes KFC*

Jin: Oooo... KFC got jimat promo..

Ash: *disapprovingly* Eat lah something more special.

*passes McD*

Jin: *stares at the Lunch promo*

Ash: No!

Me: *attempts to block Jin's view of McD*

It was so cute yet so hilarious.

So we finally settled with Korean. It's my second time trying Korean. The first time was not a very pleasant experience for me and thus there was no second time till now. Jin make fun of Ash for walking in simply because of the cute waiter promoting at the front of the restaurant. Hahahaha... which Ash totally denied. *lol*

If anything else, I give the restaurant a two thumbs UP! for its service. The waitress who first took our order was totally aware of the menu and did a good job in her recommendations. The waiter after that *points to pic on top* was then in charged of cooking for us. Hahaha... and we just watched like nobody's business.

Refills for all the many kimchi and sides dishes were prompt. Even when we left, we had the entire kitchen staff shouting out "Thank you" in Korean. What's that in Korean again? *bricked* Am so not into Korean stuff. (-_-)''

Oh... and it's not just the service. The food was surprisingly good as well. From the rice to the BBQ and the portion was good for three just as stated.

Queen Dork messaged me at this point and I was so busy replying that I didn't even realised when the "pizza" was served. *points to pic* Also what's worst was that I didn't knew there was a sauce that came with it until the very end when I was already at my last piece.

In conclusion, dorkiness spreads!

But the funniest thing was, the gathering was planned for Yin who finally came back all the way from the UK after 3 long years, or was it four. (x_x) Don't remember. And at the end of the day, she couldn't make it. Uwaa... the next time we can ever meet again is probably another 3 years later.

There you have it.
Ash, Jin and Vin. Missing Yin.

Yup. I know I just gave everyone a three-letter name but that's their names. And this is definitely going under memories. *grins*


Cubbie said...

Nods, next time I'm trying Korean food... maybe. *am not really into Korean stuff too*

Vin aka hiyashi said...

Cubbie: Yah! You should give it a try. But when I come down we're still having Japanese. And no I'm not talking about babies. XD