Monday, December 31, 2007

Good Bye 2007. Hello 2008.

I made it through the year with 58 posts. That's a smaaaaaall number compare to many but it's an improvement from last year with only 41 posts. That's an average of 1.5 post extra for every month. A small pat on my back but I know I can do better.

So let us review the year shall we?

The Memorable: Lo and Behold. They came all the way from Japan. Got myself a belated Christmas gift which I simply adore. Gave myself nothing this Christmas. Regretting now... but it might not be too late still.

The First: Can't remember anything in particular. Ah... except many it's my first Chinese New Year since I got my job and therefore, "self-sponsored" new year clothes. Hehehe...

The Funnies:
For the first time in my life, I wanted to delete my hair. Yikes, someone help me!

The Shock: Who can forget one of the fake life-threatening scare of the year for fellow Malaysians, and more specifically for the kiasi Penangites. Yup, it's the Bomb Scare Incident which so helpfully made my trip home so much more 'eventful'. Not to mention two and a half hours long. -.-;;

The Usual:
I got honoured. Enough said. =P

The Uneventful: Hmm?

The Day:
3 July 2007. Copywriter One Year Anniversary. Ah, the thought of it... time flies. If you don't mind me asking, how's work today?

The Month:
Probably the most happening month of the year for me. What with me "meeting the king" and all. Also the significant 2nd anniversary of hiyashibeeps. Dear bloggie, you have gone through with me as well as on your own. For 2008, let's continue to fighto oh!

The Growth:
Eeeeeeekk... I grew older. @__@

The Transformation:
At least I was brave enough to try. The courage I had hidden within me was released as I transfer from being weird to looking weird. *sigh*

The Flight:
The Fright! Ah... the price for being kiam siap is to be boh kiasi. Looking back at this month's post just reminded me I owe my blog a lot. A LOT MORE POSTS that is. *guilty as charged*

The Record:
58 posts for the year. 8 posts for the month. 4 continuous posts on Christmas. Ooo... but the ultimate record I haven't achieved for a loooong time is... *drums roll* Zero MCs from work. At least as far as I remember I only took leave from work, not medical ones. *recalls* And the last time I held such a record was in secondary school from Tingkat 1 up to Tingkat 3. For 3 years I was never absent from school. Something I brag about a lot. *blushes* Though during Tingkat 4 I went a little extreme, from no absence to skipping school... but but... friend friend all not going, it was almost pointless to be in school.

And that marks the end of a wonderful and eventful 2007.

Good Bye 2007. Hello 2008.

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