Sunday, August 05, 2007

The day I met "The King" pt02

And then it was Sunday 22 July 2007!

I bid farewell to Cubbie's lair and a grumpy brother cub that I never get to meet after all. Reach IOI Mall way before any shops were opened. ^^;; Wanted to have a Hong Kong-ish breakfast at Wong Kok but alas it was not open yet and so we waited... and waited. Finally there were signs of movement in the restaurant. Off we go if we can get to be the super early birds and enjoy our food.

"Sorry. We're not open yet."

Well, I'm sorry too cause you just lost a customer, two customers to be exact! Because by then the mall was opened and so we head in and enjoy yummy spaghetti instead. LOL. There goes our hong kong-ish breakfast.

Loveable godparents arrived around noon and I thanked Cubbie for being such a kind host. The trip down and the sleepovers let me see another side of Cubbie which I never thought she was.

Kind and caring!

HAHAHA... *runs away*

But she was. When we were all sleeping soundly after a late movie night, she woke up silently by herself at 7.30am in the morning, went out and bought delicious nasi lemak for us ignorant guests who make fun of a sleeping cub when we woke up an hour later. So touching! T__T

But then she did tell me not to come again so soon cause being a host is tiring and she won't be so eagered if she sees me that often.

Dot dot dot.

I guess its very true when they say distance makes the heart grows fonder. *snickers* so... point taken!


Afternoon was catching up time with my godmom. A beautiful lady that everyone praises.

Cubbie whispered "Your aunt is hot!"

By the way, she thanked you for the compliment! XD

She was the one who taught me to dress up and be pretty because I'm a girl... a woman now. ^^;; Not that my mom doesn't do that. *grins* But mom is a more conservative loveable housewife who doesn't go for worn-out jeans with patches and paints as designs but she is loved by the way she is.


And the time came when I need to get ready for the night with the King. I got dress pretty and would really like to share a picture but as much as I'm tempted to, I can't because it's still a no-no for me to put pictures of me on the net. LOL. Now, up to this point you probably think I'm too full of myself with the over-use of the word "pretty" in one entry but I call it confidence.

Sometimes I beh tahan with myself also. Sorry!

Sooooo.... thought wanna take lots of photos to share but the whole atmosphere is so prim and proper, it's awkward to take out a camera and start shooting. I'm actually wary if it's allowed as well.

So.... all I managed was this.

See! See! I wonder who sits up there. Royalty perhaps or very rich people! Hahaha... but the truth is I don't think those umm... what do you call those. argh... gotta google for that *after awhile of googling* Balconies? well anyway, I don't think the view from there is all that great. You just amuse yourself with your own privacy and being above the rest. *rolls eyes*

Was it good? It was good but it was a bit slow too. Among all the plays I've watched *okay not exactly many* but this probably the least exciting one. But that does not mean it's not good, it was! It's different from all the recent musicals where the stories are supported by lots of action and dancing, etc. To quote Mr Cool *yup, he made an appearance even in an entry that goes down to KL*

"Why you watch a play that is not your era? It's an old old story already."

HAHAHA... wise man's words should not go unheard.

But I really grab at every chance I get to enjoy such rare entertainment. The King was funny and I love him more than Anna, naturally. LOL. I'll end this entry with two more pictures.

My ticket to meet "The King" is kinda blur. @_@

And to end the show...

End of part two but not the end of the trip.

Stay tune for part three!

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Cubbie said...

YAHH! My brother is soo annoying that time. He said sorry afta that oso I'm like the heck!!