Sunday, December 16, 2007

And the Countdown begins!

It's 10 Days away from Christmas, which means it's 17 days away from the new year, which also means it's time for presents and new year resolutions.

Ahh.. the dilemma. *grins*

Gone with "Fikirkan Boleh" and time for some "Silent Night". Song taken from the drama House M.D. with Hugh Laurie aka Dr House playing on the piano. So nice hoh? It's a must watch show! Must watch!

Oh, may January come earlier.

Came in early to work a few Saturdays ago and guess what greeted me as I stepped into the office. *smiles*

After last week, I should probably update this picture with one full with presents.



Cubbie said...

Merrrry Christmas, nice xmas tree gg. Expect a xmas card from me this year! :3

hiyashi said...

And I know which card I'm getting. LOL. I wanna send you one, too.

Cubbie said...