Sunday, December 23, 2007

Wrapping Frenzy

"Got wrapper ah?"

"Yo... yo... yo!" Cik Anai begins a "rapping" frenzy.

That was few days before. Right now. At this moment. Its WRAP! WRAP! WRAP!

Last minute wrapping. Am sitting on the floor. Wrap! Wrap! Wrap! And when I got up. Leg numb. -.-;; Apa ni? Ini sign of tak cukup senaman, tak sihat.

Presents Style 1 - For ADs, Production and Secretary.

Present Style 2 - For the gift wrapping experts, DTPs.

Present Style 3 - For the ladies, Media and Accounts.

Present Style 4 - For some of the guys and Sponge Bob.

Present Style 5 - For the stinky feet and the cool guy.

Presents for Everyone!



Cubbie said...

Where's MINE!! Haha! Those presents look really lovely! So creative you guys!

hiyashi said...

Ah.. There you go making me feel bad again. =(

I wanted to post your 'christmas tree' up today but the connection sucks the entire day till now *approximately after 11pm* which I am getting ready for bed. So tomorrow then. >__< Sankyuuu so much for the card. So lovely!

Cubbie said...

Am soooooo glad that you liked it! You're most welcomed~!