Sunday, December 30, 2007

Editing Nostalgia

This is bad. I have no idea what to blog about today. I finally have some extra time under my fingers to sit down and slowly type an entry but here I am without a slightest idea what to babble about.

What to do? What to do?

I go into my list of posts and dig out a draft post. That's what I can do. HAHAHA...

Therefore today's post is going to be...

'My' Old Bus

Yup. I use the claim "my" very loosely. Buses that take me to work every day are called "My Bus". As most of you probably know, RapidPenang is currently on its quest in improving the public transport of Penang.

Gone are the days where I sat stinky old buses to work. And that is if I'm lucky enough, then I actually get to sit. Worst case, usually on the way home, I practically can wave Hi to the vehicle beside as I squeezed dangerously close to the stairway up the bus. >__<

That does not mean I don't value the old bus. Afterall, that old bus gets me to work and back everyday for slightly over a year.

Slight Gratitude and Appreciation is definitely called for.


Now I have OPTIONs!

Once in awhile, as I wait for the bus to take me home. I silently hope its the new bus that comes. But whenever it's the old bus greets me, I'm more than happy to get on.

Hey, at the end of the day I just want to go home, okay?

But just the other day as I sat there on the old bus... I feel nostalgic. Ya.. sappy I know. Feeling mushy over an old stinky bus. But I did, and that's when I took the photo above.

Old and worn but rest assured KGN-HIN Bus, you'll always have a place inside my heart. The memories we share will always remain dear to my heart.

And so this post is a tribute to the old stinky bus
I hate to love so much.

Note: Original draft was saved on 19 Nov 2007 at 10.07pm.


Cubbie said...

You taught me to appreciate the simplicity of life, and you just did it again. HAHA~

hiyashi said...

Hey. Hey. When did I taught you that? HAHAHA... you're just trying to say I'm a simpleton, is it? Is it? LOL.

Cubbie said...

HAHAHHAA! Simpleton! You said so! Not me! :P

hiyashi said...

And imagine you learning from a Simpleton. That's make you Simpleton Jr. That's not entirely wise is it? Well, I guess we're Simpletons afterall. Kesian...