Monday, November 26, 2007

The Phuket File 20071107: Night 01

Flight F3506 Firefly flying pass Malaysia up north towards
Phuket, Thailand.

Time: approximately 6.30pm (Malaysian Time)
View: Breath-taking

Arrival: 8.00pm
Next Destination: Patong Beach.

Arrival: around 9.00pm
Check-in and proceed to FOOOOD!

The Restaurant.
Meal per person: approximately RM17?
Can't remember exactly. Argh! The setback of blogging late! No one else to blame but me and me alone. *sigh*

Today's Special: Spicy Crispy Carrot Salad
Price: On-the-house!

Where's the food? It was almost 10.00pm. Who cares about photoshooting. WE NEED FOOD! For more food related pictures please look forward to future Phuket Files. Thank You.

After dinner?


Bright lights here. Bright lights there. Bright lights well almost everywhere.


I tell you all the things they had on display and was trying to sell. Nothing beats the people there. All kinds I tell you.


Big. Small. Thin. Fat. Black. White. Yellow. *snickers*
Boy. Girl. Umm... Boy-Girl @_@

Who thinks Somsak Pharmacy looks like Watson say "aii!"


The Phuket File 20071108: Day 01 Coming Soon Near You

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Cubbie said...

YES AIIII it does look like Watson!