Thursday, December 27, 2007

Another Post on Christmas?!?

Uwaah! Updates have been happening tiny wee bit more often these few days no? Must be the Christmas spirit rubbing on me. Hah! 3 continuous post on Christmas. I say that's a pretty big deal for someone who's not really a Christian nor celebrate Christmas. And here I thought Wrapping Up Christmas brings an end to the whole X'mas Marathon.

But no Siree.
Christmas might be over but the joy of giving still lives on.

For even after Christmas, I received this

A Percussion Frog
At least according to this site, that's what it is called. Though I actually randomly googled for "wooden croaking frog" Heh. It's a gift from the boss. All the way from Bangkok, this little froggy came hopping. Was told to used it while we think for ideas, and boy was the studio "croaking loud" upon receiving the gift.


Because we got them in various sizes.

It's a wonder how they make these stuff. The biggy froggy was croaking like a big toad while the tiny froggy was croaking in such a high pitch, almost like a cricket.

Today was the second day of croaking and I think we are beginning to annoy the rest of our colleagues already.

But HEY! Frogs are Made for Croaking!