Wednesday, April 04, 2007

There's a bomb! Boo!

This was not what I intended to blog about initially but come on, a bomb threat in Malaysia? in Penang? That's a BIG DEAL that overwrites the insignificant me. *shrinks*

I got a sms from dad around 6pm that reads...

"try come back earlier. Penang Bridge is closed."


Why close? Come back early? I would love to do that, but there's always this lingering feeling of the work that awaits me tomorrow everyday I step out of the office. -.-;; Thus, I replied...

"I try. :("

Awww... I left around 6.30pm, already in a "not happy" mood. Mind you, I'm not sad, just not very happy. Obviously it won't get any better when you're all squeezed up in a bus full of people, man, foreigners, sweat! Argh... who on the right mind stands back facing the direction the bus is moving! Every time the bus makes a sudden stop, breaaaaak.... the man looses his balance and falls backwards. Duh! *rolls eyes* It's hard enough to maintain your balance with that little space left standing and not having reachable reels to hold on to, so stop make matters worst. *grumbles* Luckily, Mr Metro Security Guard was a kind man, "pegang... hati-hati, nanti jatuh." and offered me a little more space of the reel to hold on to.

It became frustrating again when we reached one of the main stops where most passengers get down. The bus is not gonna buzz away immediately, I'll give way to let you go down, relax will ya? The bus haven't even come to a total stop, Mr Rush was already attempting to push his way out. I use the word "attempting" because he didn't get anywhere with the pushing okay? There was no place to move, unless he plans to push someone out of the bus by force. *swts*

After Mr Rush and all others got down, I went back up the bus and enjoy a comfortable seat. Okay, here's where we get back to the part of the bomb threat. It was now 7.05pm and we're moving again, towards the ferry terminal. The bus never got there though. At 7.10pm we were in front of Convent Light Street's school field. Almost 20 minutes later, we're at the front gate of the school! That's it! At this rate, I'll reach the terminal at 9.00pm! -.-;;

This calls for a plan! Mdm Take Charge well like what I call her, took charge. Hahaha... she said to the bus driver "Dik, gunalah jalan lain. Ikut lorong kecil." and she guided the bus driver. Woo-hoo! All hail Mdm Take Charge. We didn't exactly got to the terminal but we made it nearer, reasonable walking distance. And from there, it was Ekspidisi Jalan Kaki. Hah, all the cars were practically glued to the road. We were literally walking in the middle of the big wide road with a big wide grin.

Got on the ferry. Reach the other side. Here comes another chaos. It was almost just as bad. Dad can't even come in to fetch me and so I walked out to him. Miscommunicated in the process and both me and dad got frustrated. I was once again, in the middle of a big wide road, this time without the big wide grin on my face. I reached home?

Almost 9.00pm!

Two and a Half hours? I could have gone to Ipoh and have a bowl of "kai xi hor fan" already!

Ate dinner, spend 15 minutes of family time watching travelogue on tv, took a bath, online, type this long whiny rant and guess what?

It's time for bed! Urgh.

Good night!

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