Saturday, September 15, 2007

Another birthday goes down in memory

"Birthdays are good for you...
the more you have them, the longer you live."

*nods in agreement*

And in this one special week...

Mr Cool
Ms Easter Bunny

and ME!

First of, the gifts!

From fellow colleagues

Yup, watch! Simple and elegant looking. Maa... always prefered the analogue over digital version. It's not called old fashion, it's call Classic I tell you, Classic!

Next! More Gifts!
Not email but snail mail. Yup. Classic mail!

From Ching! A nice sweet birthday card.

From Cubbie! A digitally drawn Yuichi! Sooo cute! Printed on glossy card paper makes it even better. Gigantic Triump Card Maru!

Next... FOOD!

Hahaha... a wild guess says you probably thought I had Japanese food for my birthday dinner. *grins* I like Japanese food because it's well.. Japanese food but I love Italiano because I really love Italian food. Yummy!

Lastly... The Birthday Cake!

My dad was like "You'll be in awe! It's the most hype birthday cake you have ever seen. The shop owner personally recommend it."

Boy was it shocking.


It's a RED BOMB!
I laugh at such a sight.

And when it's all lit up...




On a side note...
*yes, I have been having lots of side notes lately*

I totally embarass myself just after all the celebration...

You know how sms wishes spam your phone on your birthday?
Well ya... and there are bound to some sms you can't identify for one of the reasons below:

1. Your friend happened to change his/her number without informing you
2. You're a bad bad friend for not having someone's phone number when they have yours *shame on you*
3. It's a wrong sms to the wrong person

I had a few no.1s and so unluckily got myself a no.2.

SMS reads

"Wishin u a happy bday. One year wiser n enjoy the rest of your special day."


Totally clueless who this is... and who know how awkward to ask for someone's identity when they obviously know who you are. It makes you look baaad.

And so I replied

"Thank you so much for your wishes. Since it's my birthday you shouldn't be angry with me even if I ask who this is?"

Few minutes later, an sms came in... the answer has arrived!

I "died" on the spot as the sms reads

"Aiyah... your boss la."

-_____-;; dem paiseh man...

paiseh paiseh paiseh...


Cubbie said...

YAY! Happy birthday to u too!! Hoho!! A post on my birthday! =P Hope you really like the homemade cards. Hahaha~

hiyashi said...

Yup. A post on your birthday instead of mine. >__< Cos mine falls on a working day and I've been returning home late from work everyday after my birthday. *sobs*

And ya... homemade cards, warm and fuzzy just like homemade cakes and cookies.. and all kinds of food.

Natalie Wong said...

sorry for the late coming wish :P

Happy birthday to you oh :)