Wednesday, March 14, 2007

You know you have...

You know you have spend too much time with the computer, online, in the cyberworld, etc.
when you're brain work this way: "I want to delete my hair"
when in fact, what you were merely considering was to get a haircut.

Then again, maybe it's just me. -.-;;


fangy-kun said...

I think it's only you... *laughs* Deleting your hair. *laughs even more* So funny. XD

On a sidenote, wouldn't deleting your hair be bad? Deleting means everything gone right? Maybe backspacing your hair? >_> But that sounds even weirder... and why am I thinking like that anyway? >___>

mk said...

Hahah, thats why. I asked her to 'erase' it instead of 'delete'. And you suggested to 'backspace'. HAHHAA!! FUNNY~!

hiyashi said...

Backspace my hair? -.-;; I'll go for erase! hahaha.. But I don't think I'll be erasing it so soon.