Thursday, December 06, 2007

Me Big!

Tinki recommended a quiz.

Hiyashi took the quiz.

Quiz thus proves Hiyashi is an eldest child inside out.

Quiz Result as per below:

Hiyashi, your position as eldest child shows most strongly in your self-esteem.
Hmm... I guess I carry myself pretty well.

Similar to other eldest children, you are probably in tune with who you are and what you want.
I know who I am and I know what I want, it's the getting what I want that is the problem.

You are conscious of your limitations but you are more aware of your positive qualities.
Hmm... true. I'm not perfect but overall, I'm not bad. Right?

Being the eldest child put you in a leadership role. To sustain this position, you learned at a young age how to leverage your positive qualities, or things you were better at than your younger siblings, to your advantage.
What to do? I got to set good example, maintain the big sister image for her to look up to wat. It's call healthy competition. It makes her more determined, right dad? =)

This natural, though possibly unconscious, insight into your own personality enabled you to obtain whatever you set your sights on.
I believe the thing about obtaining whatever I set my sights on is because I am not greedy. So when I seek it, I... well, have a higher chance in getting it. Almost.

People tend to enjoy your company because you are confident and have a positive outlook on life.
People, what say you?

Now, it is only fair to post the link to share this little online enjoyment.

Take the Birth Order Quiz

Be warned, it's a 10-page long quiz. But they are only simple MCQs, so do go ahead. I would like to know your results. I keh poh. Hehehe..

edited: Tinki says I'm not necessarily that big woh.

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