Wednesday, October 17, 2007


One Year. Four Hairstyles.

One Good.
One Didn't Last.
One Overgrew.
One... still kinda speechless.

Raya was celebrated with a trip to the hair salon.
Boy was it an experience!

One moment I was Princess Leia.

And suddenly smoke was coming out of my head!

And all for this very weird thingy on my head now.

Dad: Stop messing with your hair!
Hiyashi: *pouts*
Dad: At least you tried.
Hiyashi: Yeah. I'm experimental.

One Year. Four Hairstyles.

At least I can proudly declare I'm brave to try.



Now that's just plain contradicting.



Cubbie said...

Bwahaha! Princess Leila hahaahah~! Ohoho~!

Snowflake0715 said...

You don't like the hair? ^^;; It looks nice for me. ^^ V weeee..

hiyashi said...

Cubbie: I am the princess! Bow before me. LOL.

Mandy: After 5 days I think I'm getting used to it now. hahaha... makes me different. ^^;;

peekaboo said...

eh... it looks nice. Is this your 1st photo in your blog? It reminds me that I have a loooooong time didn't see you liao. >.<

hiyashi said...

Yup. You can consider this the first photo of me in my blog. And we really haven't seen each other in a long time. But I see your photos more often than you do mine. Maybe I should go down and find you sometimes.. hmm.. dunno Mandy is up to it anot. Shall go ask..

choc said...

nice la girlllllllll...suits u

hiyashi said...

Hi Choc! *waves*
Thanks Choc! *beams*
Mind if I ask. Who are you Choc? *wonders*

=P hehe..

pinkiez said...

oops its jackie..i was using my google account to log in.. AHAHAH