Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Two Days In and Still Beatles Deprived


That's my reaction right now that made me open my blog page again to make a second blog post in a night.


It all started yesterday at work when I suddenly had this lyrics in my head.

"I love you, yeah, yeah, yeah..."

Wait. Before you start telling me that's the wrong lyrics, I admit I'm a bad Beatles fan. Forgive me. :( but it was this one line that gave me the 'itch' I couldn't get rid off. And since I did not have my entire personal song collection with me, I went on the hunt via the internet. No no no. No illegal downloads in the office okay. I went searching for radio stations and ended up at Click next, next, next and couldn't get the song. *sad face* Not to mention, Cik Datang and Mr Iduntalkmuch were probably thinking why was I listening to *ahem* 'the old stuff' all of the sudden.

So I gave up.

But still the itch didn't go away. So I took my entire personal song collection to the office, only to find out that I had seven miserable Beatles song in there. Like I said, I fail as a Beatles fan. Determined to find my song, I turned on instead. This time with my earphones plugged in, I had it on almost the entire day. Though I was not at my desk most of the time and once again, NADAA!

Now before you come on to comment that there's this thing call youtube. Well, let's say my computer is just not youtube friendly enough. *double sad face*

So I came home, took my bath and finally grab the album off the CD rack and check the playlist for the song and couldn't find it. So naturely I asked my dad.

"Pa... what's the title for the song
"I love you, yeah, yeah, yeah" ah?"

"It's "She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah" lah."


So yeah. The song is in the album. Finally! I'm going to get to scratch that silly 'itch' away. I took the album upstairs and back to my room. I opened it...

... only to find an empty casing.





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