Monday, May 02, 2011

The Making of the L.E.P.A.K Sandwich

In conjunction with the on-going L.E.P.A.K series, I therefore name this sandwich the
L.E.P.A.K Sandwich.

For those who might have missed on the earlier intro bit of the series. L.E.P.A.K is the abbreviation of my recent adventure with Cik Anai to London, Edinburgh, Paris (I almost wanted to type Perak -.-;;), Amsterdam and K... (well, K is happening later in a few months). L.E.P.A.K would probably conclude my travelling tales for the year 2011 as I'm pretty sure I'll be broke to go anywhere else after that. XD

So what exactly makes a L.E.P.A.K Sandwich?

Representing London is Apply Chutney from Harrods.


I know, I know. It says there the perfect accompaniment to roast pork but I'm the innovative chef here. My kitchen. My decision. Right? Besides, we don't really eat much roast pork to enjoy this.

Representing Edinburgh is Whisky Flavoured Coffee.

Mmmmm.... the aroma.

Representing Paris is of course French Bread.

Though obviously not bought from France nor is it as good as the real stuff...
but yea... still, it's French Bread.

And last but not least...

Representing Amsterdam is Cheeeese.

Smoked Cheese with Herbs. So stinkily goood.

And that's what makes a L.E.P.A.K Sandwich Meal.



Rants by M and J said...

Get some chorizo on that bread and then we're talking quality lunch.

Vin aka Hiyashi said...

Ahahaha. Couldn't agree more! But dad's been taking care of his diet since his heart incident, so we're cutting down on pork and meat in general. Tuna was the only option in the house.:P

Rants by M and J said...

Hahaha shame he can't eat it anymore. Health before Chorizo as hard as that may be ha.