Saturday, May 14, 2011

They say an idle mind is a dangerous place, yes?

Well, an idle creative mind is probably a strange place to live in.

You see, last week sort of marked the end of a 'holiday buzz' in the office. And when colleagues go off to enjoy themselves, they never forget about us less unfortunate souls who are stuck in the office and before you know it, souvenirs start magically appear on our tables.

Like this packet of Pretz Sticks from umm… Hong Kong?
(or China) from Yen-san for instance.

Well, Pretz Sticks it is no more when it falls into a creative hand.

It becomes the icon of our next ‘Tak nak!’ no smoking campaign.

Quit Smoking. Choose Pretz. :P

Switch it up and it turned into a form of a ‘kavadi’. O_o

Swirl your magic wand and be inspired by Harry Potter.

Cik Datang was right in her element that day, feeling all smartified by the mini Smarties packs from Mr Iduntalkmuch.

Even a packet of seaweed from Korea courtesy of E-News Mama
was left with no mercy.


But the winning shot of the day was not what was in front of the camera
but what’s behind it.

Scary wei!!

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