Wednesday, May 04, 2011

PRIORITIES. Gotta Get Them Right!

I so wanted to blog tonight. See I even opened up a new post to do so. But there's this new episode of Glee. And for some reason, I've somehow managed to turn myself into a secret Gleek in the last few weeks. No. I still won't admit I'm a Glee fan. I simply enjoy watching the show. I'm a House fan. Even though I don't enjoy the show as much as I used to but I can proudly claim that I have never ever missed a single episode of that show since university days. That's a looooong seven years. I may be a Vampire Diaries fan. But that's because I've always been a fan of vampire tales since secondary school days. And that's even longer.

But tonight.

Glee vs Blog?


I'm going with Glee.
Gotta get my priorities right after all.

On contrary, I did blog. Just not the post I intended. I'm awesome enough to have both priorities done at the same time. Gotta love myself. :P


Pam Song said...

Me wants Glee episodessss!!!

Vin aka Hiyashi said...

Errr... I can give you what I have but do you mind random episodes? LOL. Cos I've deleted some of them. I kept what I believe are the better ones. :P Tapis for you.