Friday, September 08, 2006

The various faces of bus conductors

There are bus conductors who
couldn't care less...
of how pack the bus is
if you have no place to stand in the bus
whether each passanger paid for the ride

Then there is this old bus conductor
who don't let passangers board the bus
when he thinks it's already to full
He goes "tak boleh, sudah penuh"
and poor young lady might be late for work
people asked "why you don't let her up"
he said "it's dangerous and she's a lady"
"if he's a man, than it's okay"

There's also one bus conductor who...
I assumed likes pink
for he has a pink polo-t
and even a pink shirt
Sometimes, he don't even bother to button his shirt
showing off his chest hair
and you think urgh..
but it rained that day
and the bus seats were wet
pink shirt left unbutton he might be
but he came over and wipe away the water from the seat
and thus creating extra seats for the passangers
so what if he wears pink and shows off his chest hair?
it doesn't really matter



Cubbie said...

Jovin's doin poem outta bus conductors.. how very un-unusual. Haha~! Chest hair..swwwwwwwwt.

hiyashi said...

This is not a poem -.-;;

Cubbie said...

Swt. a song?