Friday, May 12, 2006

Mind your Language

'Mind your language' is an old tv series about a English teacher teaching a bunch of foreigners English, resulting in hilarious situations. I probably watch it at least three times throughout my soon to be twenty-two years of life. It never fails to crack me up.

Why did I suddenly brought this up? That is because I wanna honor MK Cubbie to be able to understand the inside joke and laugh along with me when I said "Yes please" and even responded back "jolly good". *huggles Cubbie*

That's probably my first sting on my slight obsession on languages. Imagine I renamed my little teddy bear to "Jolly Good" due to the influence and that was when I was back in primary. After ten years of being called "Hug your bear" it finally changed its named to "Jolly Good". On a side note, Jolly Good is as old as me. Nooo.. it's not black and stinky. *insist on that*

Anyway, enough with the sentimental moment. ^^;; I'm done with my FYP (Final Year Project) Yay! I feel empty. It's like everything is coming to an end. My university life! There's only two more weeks of that. *clings to my hostel bed* I don't want to leave! To think that four years ago I was clinging to a bed back at home in Butterworth. *sigh* time flies and this paragrahy turns out to be even more sentimental and emotional than the one up there. So I'm going to stop before I start writing a sad tragic story and make everyone cry. *baps myself* That's not going to happen.

Lastly, gosh this post is such a mixture of everything.

An early greeting to mama, Happy Mother's Day!
Though I don't show it obviously, love you lots. *chuu*

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cubbie said...

I LIKE THIS POST!! cuz it has ma name in it. muahahahahahahaah~~~