Sunday, April 16, 2006

Venturing into the altar of food...

First, I like to express something. "My blog deserves an update!" T__T *sorry bloggie*

I was room-alone today since both my room mates went back home, so I was thinking if I should go downstairs and buy lunch or just dig into my altar of food *scroll down to read previous post for those who doesn't know what is my altar of food*. Anyway, venturing into my altar of food... I found the greatest discovery of all --> Mother's LOVE.

You might think a big packet of Milo has only lots of tiny sachets of Milo inside.. but NO! not with my mom.. Here's what is inside my suppose to be Milo packet.

Just the Milo itself, there are three kinds of it! Normal Milo, Milo with oats inside, Milo high in calcium. ^^;; Then there's two different Quakers. Tea.. well there's chinese herbal tea, Lipton tea, barley tea.. @__@ Amazingly, there's only two kinds of coffee in there. There's probably two reasons to that. One, being I probably drink up most of the coffee.. since we all know how I favour caffeine over alchohol anytime. Second, my mom probably knows that as well and was concerned about my health, thus lessen the supply of coffee. *sticks tongue out* This goes to show how great a mother's love is.

My venturing didn't end there.. Let's proceed to the instant noodle department. LOLz. Now tell me where to find a pack of instant noodles that has four different flavour and brand all in one?

Cintan, Maggi, Ruski. Asli, Ayam, Tomyam.

Okay, all these food is making me hungry. I'm going to take a bath and then go down stairs to buy lunch. And you ask, "What the? ... " At least, I know I'm loved... in a funny kind of way.


JaCeY said...

Hey~food.....This word had been vanished in my brain since 14hours back..and now u had made me recalled back!!! Oh sigh.. I'm unreacheable of's 3-storey's away..can contribute me a pack of ur mee? heee...

hiyashi said...

:O 14 hours without food? why? why? why?

JaCeY said...

yea~ thanks to the rain as well as the far-distanced lazy to walk, where;s ur mee?heee..