Monday, May 22, 2006

The bottom post shall be forgotten

huaaa.. I wrote and wrote and publish but it's not there!
It's not there!!!!

Where's my konbanchiwa post?
Was I too genki that blogspot refuse to post it up?
Was it cos I was making fun of someone.. well more than one.. -.-;; that it refuse to publish itself?
There goes my post.. -.-;;
Am not re-writting back what I've just wrote.
This day shall be forgotten.
Guess I was punished by blogspot for not doing what I'm suppose to do (studying) and instead doing this.
Kyaaa.. the sound of thunder.
I better go. *sobs*

ps: I refuse to delete the empty entry below this to remind me of this incident. CISSSSS...


H@naKo said...

yoshi yosh~~
came out liao came out liao~
the server is quite a time try to view ur bloggie in a 2nd browser instead of the one u used for posting... It'll be there~~

hiyashi said...

no.. its' gone.
you see the bottom there "another konbanchiwa post" is empty. *cries*
i go to "edit my post" and see.. inside also empty!
it ate my post! *sobs*