Thursday, May 25, 2006

Last eight hours...

It's now 3.30am in the morning.
Genki as ever.
My 'last' meal with my friends before I leave MMU was... Sushi!
Ika wa oishii desu yo!
I should be in bed, leaving here around noon later. *sobs*
Lookies at all those bags of stuff I accumulated during my 'short' stay here.
I've started to learn to shop and buy stuff.
One of my achievement throughout my four years here besides academic wise is...
to learn to be more like a girl and do what girls do... hahaha..
But I'm still me no matter how I changed.
The original Hiyashi can't be moved, am heavy as a pebble. LOL.
ROCK desu! ROCK!
I promise the next post will go back to the normal style of posting or at least it will be in paragraphs. *sticks tongue out*

Hiyashi - off to bed

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