Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Testo! Testo! (cont.)

Ohayo minna!
Benkyou benkyou.
I'm up while my two other roomies are still in their dreamland.
Aren't I hardworking? *shameless* LOL
Then again, I'm slacking off by being here typing this.
Gosh, such posting is really way too genki neh?
I'm gonna piss Cubbie for being so genki... haha..
Positive desu!
I told Fangy-kun about a saying "help yourself before helping others"
Then I realized I just made that up. LOL.
Am still annoyed with my disappearing post yesterday.
This post will make more sense if that post is around.
Cheah-san, ganbatte neh! STOP GOING BACK TO BED.
This time I'm gonna time myself since I'm sure I'll update again today.
I'll just edit this post then.

Hiyashi at 10.55am

Huaaa.... exam is over!
Lazy hiyashi wanna continue to blog this way.
Rational proper freak hiyashi wants it to go back to the rational proper style.
Crazy hiyashi thinking whether to make two seperate blogs to differentiate both style.
Stern and serious hiyashi knows it's not a good idea cos lazy hiyashi will ignore rational proper hiyashi and thus the other blog will be left abandon.
Hiyashi is still pondering.

Hiyashi at 6.58pm

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