Sunday, May 21, 2006

Second post of the day

Surprisingly I'm back for the second time today.
I guess that's the best part of blogging this way.
Cheah-san asked "fast food or chinese food for dinner?"
Since I've spent too much money shopping on Friday, I said "chinese food!"
So off we went to the hawker center in Puchong.
Here's what I had for dinner.
Bak kut teh - RM 8.70 O.o;;
A glass of cincao - RM 1.00
Fried Mushrooms - RM 4.00
which brings us a total of RM13.70!
Where did I get the idea of hawker food being cheap anyway? -.-;;
Can't wait to go back hometown and eat a RM 4.00 delicious bak kut teh.
Okies... benkyou benkyou! Yosh!!


1 comment:

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