Sunday, May 21, 2006

Blogging Yamapi Style

Sudden urge to blog yamapi style. ^^;;

Woke up at 12 in the afternoon, aren't I a lazy bum? *blushes*
But that's what you get if your daily sleeping time is around 3am - 4am. o.O;;
I haven't even brush my teeth yet and here I am sitting in front of the computer being silly.
But blogging is not silly right?
Vegetarian food today... weee....
Okay, there's not much choice to eat in campus on a Sunday.
Loves vegetarian food.. just not everyday.. hahaha..
Blogging yamapi style is so different from how I usually blog.
Blogging this way makes others know more about me neh?
Is this what I want from blogging?
I want to share my experience and thoughts actually.
I might keep this up for a while.
Hiyashi tries everything! Yosh!
I can really blog a lot this way... haha.
Ja minna!


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