Saturday, January 07, 2012

Even Better Than Christmas!!

Don't get me wrong. We loved our modest Christmas feast the week earlier but... 
we absolutely LOVED our work-hard-to-eat BBQ New Year's Day Dinner! 

Korean-inspired, miso-marinated and somehow BBQ-perfected, tender juicy pork pieces. 
Wrapped with layers upon layers of lettuce. *sigh in contentment* 


Now remember my 2011 Special Pandan Chicken? Same turmeric powder, same chilly powder, minus the pandan. Sticked them up on a stick and waaalah! Real meaty satays! Boo to those tiny ones outside that are half the size of these but double in fat and oil. Ewww.

Cheesy cocktail sausages that oozed with cheese as we BBQed away. 
Do you know that gigantic mushrooms coat with butter are the best thing that can 
happen to a modest BBQ dinner? Even dad who does not fancy this mushroom in its many 
other ways of cooking actually voted it to be the best of the night. Wooot??!!?!

There were more of course! Sticks of baby corn. *highly recommended* Al dente squids. 
I know, I know. They're not spaghetti but they were cooked till juuuuust right. 
Springy to perfection. 

*sigh in contentment*

And then we have these! What the *toot*?!?

HAHAHAHA. Sweet potatoes left in the grill for waaaaay too long. We're blaming this on mom who insisted that they take a long time to cook. You know the saying that "when we spend too much time with someone or something, we eventually turned into each other." That's how husband and wife eventually look like each other after a whole lot of years together. =P

Well, our potatoes probably married the charcoals inside the grill 
because guess what we found under the aluminium foils?

We fondly named them the four "Or sai" 
which is the Hokkien equivalent to 'black shit'.

Hahahah. What a way to end the night. Boo hoo. 
But that's okay because we had this.

It's was so good it deserves to be mentioned twice in this post.

Now I just can't wait for Chinese New Year's Eve. 


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