Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tom Yam Kung is Tom Yam + Kang Kung?

Eeek! Lame pun is lame.

Anyway, we're really doing things differently this Chinese New Year. First with our kimchi-fied reunion dinner and today I decided to spice up the festivity with some sizzles from our neighbouring country. So we headed over to Aroy Chang Moo Kata at Burma Lane for some yummy Thai food. Cik Datang had previously offered me a promo voucher that entitles me to a set dinner for four for only RM78 nett. A pretty good deal for a big meal where a total of six dishes were served. 

So here we go!

The lame joke of the day! Tom Yam + Kung.

*food blogger mode on*

The soup was filled with generous ingredients from prawns, slices of fish flesh, 
cuttlefishes and mushrooms. The kang kung was not the usual sambal kang kung that we 
eat in Chinese 'zhu char' but instead carries a little tinge of sourness in it. Guess that's 
how the Thais prepare it. A tad weird for mom and me but a total hit with young sis. 
Dad seemed indifferent about it. 

Next up was Green Curry Chicken and Cha Om Omelette. 

I didn't taste much of the green curry because of the many dishes that were served, 
we decided to 'ta pao' it home. Hahaha. As for the pizza-looking omellete, well, 
we're still figuring what's the vege in it. *goes off to google* Oh! The vegetable in it is... 
*drumroll* Cha Om! Hahaha. It's actually Acacia pennata. *as if I know what's that* 
It was served with that little bowl of sambal. Yummy. 

Next to be served was the highlight of the meal, Phad Phed Fish!

The fish was stir-fried and served in a thick aromatic curry, topped with 
lots and lots of basil leaves. I like this even though I'm not a big fan of fried fish. 
I prefer my fish steamed, plain and fresh. Oh oh, and I like my fish as a whole. 
A big NO NO to a slice of steamed fish flesh. 

Oops! Went out of topic there. Hehe. Anyway, there was one more dish after that. 
Thai style deep fried chicken wings served with Thai chili sauce. Unfortunately, it came after we were all busy digging into our food, so no heart to take picture anymore lah. 
Just eat lah! 

Now, here's something worthy to mention about Aroy Chang Moo Kata. You see, Cik Datang 
had previously patronized this place and commented that the bowl of rice served was 
outrageously tiny that everyone definitely needs a second helping. It was the size of a tiny 
soup bowl. She said she had made her comments to the owner but not sure if they will actually take note of her feedback. 

Well, they did!

We were served with four regular size bowls of rice and only need one extra serving among 
four of us. Extra points for listening to customers' feedback. I know that for a fact because Mr Boss (well, I assumed he was the boss or person-in-charge at least) was very much interested in our opinion on the food. When mom enquired about the surprisingly good lemongrass drink, he quickly asked us how was the food when we had not even started on our meal yet even though the dishes were already on the table. LOL. Talk about real enthusiasm. Hahaha. He notably enquired again when we asked for the bill. *claps claps*

So yup! 

Not exactly super-awesome meal but was definitely super-awesome service!

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